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Making climate change data accessible


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Today, the City of Boston released The City website features scrubbed information from the U.S. EPA Climate Change website. gives everyone access to information that the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) has developed over decades of research. This information isn’t readily available on the agency’s webpage right now. But, here in Boston, we know climate change is real and we will continue to take action to fight it.

We’re not alone in this action today. Cities across the country, from Atlanta to Dallas to San Francisco, are banding together in this action. This effort came after a call to action from Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. The mayor released a City of Chicago “Climate Change is Real” website in early May.
Many U.S. cities are taking action on climate change. More than 300 Climate Mayors — representing more than 56 million Americans — have committed to the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. Boston will do its part to help keep moving us all forward.
Here in Boston, we’re in the midst of protecting critical areas in East Boston and Charlestown from flooding. We recently released a Request For Proposals to do the same in South Boston. The goal of this work is to find neighborhood solutions to coastal flooding from sea level rise and storms. We want to make sure that all of Boston is climate ready. 
That’s also why we piloted a new outreach program to help and encourage neighbors to have conversation on climate change, and how it impacts their lives in Boston. Climate Ready Boston Leaders will be out in the neighborhoods through the summer and early fall. They’ll be hosting conversations at local farmers markets, civic association meetings, and backyard barbeques. 
For this information — and other ways to get involved — visit Through the Greenovate website, our one-stop shop for climate action in Boston, we:

  • share updates on projects and programs
  • connect residents to City and partner resources, and
  • hear from you on ways you can help “greenovate” our City.
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