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Pay and apply

Main Transactions

If your business owns personal property, you need to file a State Tax Form 2/Form of List every year.

All businesses are required to register with the city of Boston. Some businesses may be required to file additional forms.

File a Physicians Certificate of Registration if you are practicing medicine in the City of Boston.

Complete your annual registration for your rental property and pay the registration fees.

Request a copy of a birth certificate of anyone born in Boston, or anyone whose parents listed Boston as their residence when they were born.

Request a copy of the death certificate of anyone who died in Boston or who listed their residence as Boston at the time of death.

Request a copy of a marriage license for any couple who were married prior to 1983 and listed Boston as their residence.

Parks and Recreation reviews your application before giving it to the Police and Transportation Departments.

Register for towing alerts from the City of Boston and we will alert you if your vehicle gets towed in Boston.