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Back Bay Architectural Commission Hearing

The commission will hold its monthly public hearing on Wednesday, March 8, 2017.

Use Congress Street as an entrance and exit after 5:30p.m.

Public testimony begins at

Discussion Topics

  1. 4:45p.m. Violations Committee
  2. 5:00p.m. Design Review Hearing

    17.831 BB 399 Boylston Street: New window signage, patio alterations and dumpsters at rear elevation.

    17.738 BB 223 Newbury Street: Replace three existing signs at lower windows and door and with Sunbrella fabric awnings.

    17.729 BB 110 Commonwealth Avenue: Stabilize tower, install hanging scaffolding and scrim with sponsorship graphics.

    17.853 BB 19 Commonwealth Avenue: At rear elevation install new deck above garage and cantilevered from sidewall, and convert existing window into a door.


    17.833 BB 488 Beacon Street, Unit 10/11: Install two HVAC condensers on roof.

    17.834 BB 237 Marlborough Street: Repair and repoint masonry; replace existing roof singles with slate; repair ironwork and fencing; construct new copper clad headhouse and deck at roof; repair stucco and paint garage; install new garage door; install metal sconces at garage and headhouse; install steel railings at rear oriel; install new glass door and windows at enlarged masonry openings at first story of rear elevation; reset brick entry walk; repair entry steps and stoop; install new one-over-one wood windows and new entry door; and install new copper gutters and downspouts.

    17.821 BB 230 Marlborough Street: At rear elevation install two new windows in previously proposed and approved brick faux window locations and install security grills.

    17.836 BB 55 Commonwealth Avenue: Install aluminum powder-coated sliding gate at rear parking area.

    17.826 BB 284 Commonwealth Avenue: Construct mezzanine addition and roof deck at main building, and relocate previously approved mechanical equipment.

    17.876 BB 72 Commonwealth Avenue: Re-landscaping of front garden area and installation of an outdoor sculpture consisting of a brass figure on a granite base standing seventy-five inches tall.


  3. Administrative Review/Approval

    17.820 BB 5 Arlington Street: Repair oriel window at rear elevation including replacing four double-hung six-over-six wood windows in-kind.

    17.823 BB 177 Beacon Street: At rear elevation replace non-historic fiberglass entry door with wood door painted black with brass hardware.

    17.828 BB 236 Beacon Street: At side elevation replace four fourth floor one-over-one double-hung wood windows with wood double-hung six-over-six windows.

    17.835 BB 270 Beacon Street: Repair masonry, repair structural steel posts, and replace deteriorated windows at inner courtyard and rear elevation in-kind.

    17.829 BB 286 Beacon Street: At rear elevation replace five second floor double-hung one-over-one wood windows in-kind.

    17.852 BB 330 Beacon Street: Replace sealants around windows, repair deteriorated and spalling concrete, and apply new coating to concrete surfaces of balconies.

    17.815 BB 545 Boylston Street: Installation of signage at sign band above storefront.

    17.825 BB 285 Clarendon Street: Replace two garden level double-hung eight-over-light non-historic wood windows with wood double-hung eight-over-eight true-divided light windows.

    17.819 BB 33 Commonwealth Avenue: At front façade replace four, third story double-hung one-over-one wood windows in-kind.

    17.830 BB 152 Commonwealth Avenue: Replace 106 exterior wood windows in-kind.

    17.855 BB 160 Commonwealth Avenue: Replace existing slate at mansard and cupola in-kind.

    17.777 BB 311 Commonwealth Avenue: At the front façade replace one eighth floor one-over-one double-hung wood window in-kind; and at the side elevation replace seven eighth floor one-over-one double-hung wood windows in-kind.

    17.818 BB 311 Commonwealth Avenue: At front façade replace seven, one-over-one third story wood windows in-kind; and at side elevation replace ten one-over-one third story wood windows in-kind.

    17.813 BB 333 Commonwealth Avenue: At rear elevation replace four fifth floor wood one-over-one double-hung windows and one set of ten-lite casement windows in-kind; and replace fifth story fire escape non-historic door with new wood door and transom.

    17.816 BB 390 Commonwealth Avenue: At rear elevation replace four aluminum 1980s one-over-one windows with wood double-hung one-over-one windows.

    17.776 BB 168 Marlborough Street: Repair sandstone trim at front façade with a tinted cementitious stucco and repaint wood dormers to match existing color.

    17.817 BB 257 Marlborough Street: Re-point masonry at front façade and rear elevation with mortar matching the composition, color, texture and tooling of the existing mortar.

    17.824 BB 398 Marlborough Street: At front façade replace three double-hung one-over-one fourth story wood windows and 3 double-hung one-over-one fifth story wood windows in-kind.

    17.775 BB 359 Newbury Street: Installation of signage at sign band and windows at Massachusetts Avenue elevation.

  4. Ratification of 2/8/2017 Public Hearing Minutes
  5. Staff Updates
  6. Adjournment