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Last updated: 02/23/2017 - 2:14pm

South End Landmark District Commission Hearing

The Commission will hold its monthly public hearing on Tuesday, March 7, 2017.

(Use Congress Street as an entrance and exit at City Hall after 5:30p.m.)

The public can offer testimony.

Discussion Topics


    5:30 PM
    17.849 SE 1620 or 1538 Washington Street
    Applicant: Kim Foltz – Boston Transportation Department
    Proposed Work: Move Hubway station to one of two locations.
    17.859 SE 285 Columbus Avenue
    Applicant: Timothy Greene - Tenant
    Proposed Work: Install 9 fiberglass canisters to contain relocated cellular antennas.
    17.856 SE 1750 Washington Street
    Applicant: Patrick J. Sharkey – Architect
    Proposed Work: Install new brick chimney and new halo lit signage.
    17.850 SE 502 Massachusetts Avenue
    Applicant: Ron Marcos – Business Owner
    Proposed Work: Replace all storefront glazing, replace signage, install takeout window into existing storefront system.
    17.841 SE 536 Tremont Street
    Applicant: Chris Mastrangelo – Tenant
    Proposed Work: Install accessible ramp at entrance, replacement of front entrance door, paint exterior storefront and trim, install of 24" wide signband and halo lit and punch through signage on Tremont and Milford.
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    17.861 SE 124 Pembroke Street
    Applicant: Brian Suthoff – Owner
    Proposed Work: Replace roof in kind and rebuild and expand roof deck (pending visibility).
    17.848 SE 556 Tremont Street
    Applicant: Josh Knapper – General Contractor
    Proposed Work: Install roof deck with same approved setback as 554 Tremont (pending visibility).
    17.845 SE 3 Haven Street
    Applicant: Aaron Weinert – Architect
    Proposed Work: Eliminate windows on the Washington Street side of rooftop addition.
    17.860 SE 22 Concord Square
    Applicant: Brad Richards – General Contractor
    Proposed Work: Install 2 HVAC units on roof.
    Advisory 370-380 Harrison Avenue
    Hearing Applicant: Andrew Hayes - Owner
    Proposed Work: Construction of a new 14 story mixed use building with below grade parking.

  2. Administrative Review

    17.839 SE 13 Concord Square: Restore fire balconies and rehab the masonry areas where the balconies are attached.
    17.860 SE 22 Concord Square: Replace rubber roof and flashing in kind, replace slate on mansard in kind, replace copper gutters and flashing in kind, replace dormer trim
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    pieces in kind, replace rubber roof on curved-top dormer with copper, replace 4 wood windows in kind.
    17.840 SE 25 Milford Street: Repoint front façade in kind.
    17.843 SE 106 Pembroke Street: Replace 12 2/2 aluminum clad double hung windows in kind.
    17.838 SE 36 Rutland Square: Remove and replace existing roof deck with metal railing and original front railing set back of 8'.
    17.858 SE 331 Shawmut Avenue: Replace 8 2/2 wood windows at rear and side in kind.
    17.842 SE 411 Shawmut Avenue: Replace 8 aluminum clad 2/2 windows in cupola in kind.
    17.771 SE 418 Tremont Street: Replace front signage.
    17.862 SE 140 West Canton Street: Replace 10 2/2 wood windows in kind.
    17.857 SE 178 West Canton Street: Replace 4 2/2 wood windows in kind.
    17.846 SE 125 West Concord Street: Replace 4 2/2 wood windows in kind.
    17.837 SE 30 Yarmouth Street: Replace 8 curved 2/2 wooden sash in kind and 2 straight 2/2 wooden sash in kind.