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Last updated: 2/14/19

Boston Cultural Council

We award grants that help artists and arts organizations thrive.

What is the Boston Cultural Council?


The Boston Cultural Council (BCC) works under the umbrella of the Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture. Every year, we distribute funds from the City of Boston and the Massachusetts Cultural Council in the form of Boston Cultural Council Organizational Grants. These funds support innovative arts, humanities, and interpretive sciences programming. The goal is to enhance the quality of life in our City.


Council members are Boston residents appointed by Mayor Martin J. Walsh. They serve up to two consecutive three-year terms. Council members are picked based on:

  • their commitment to Boston’s cultural community, and
  • their knowledge of various arts disciplines.

Click here to find out who the Boston Cultural Council members are. 


We review applications to evaluate the quality of proposed programming and potential benefit to Boston. We make sure grants respond to the needs of the cultural community. We also make sure the best practices for grant solicitation, review, and disbursement are followed.

Apply for a BCC grant

Why we fund what we fund

We work to enhance the quality of life, the economy, and the design of the City. We do this by investing in cultural organizations, programs, and artists. We provide support via grants to further the goals of Boston Creates:

  1. Creating a fertile ground for a vibrant and sustainable arts and culture ecosystem.
  2. Keeping artists in Boston and attracting new ones. Recognizing and supporting artists’ contribution to a thriving, healthy, and innovative city.
  3. Cultivating a city where all cultural traditions and expressions are respected, promoted, and resourced. We want to give everyone an opportunity to engage with arts and culture.
  4. Integrating arts and culture into all aspects of civic life. Inspiring all Bostonians to value, practice, and reap the benefits of creativity in their individual lives and in their communities.
  5. Mobilizing likely and unlikely partners, and collaborating across institutions and sectors. Generating excitement about, and demand and resources for, Boston’s arts and culture sector.

Council information

Arts Commissioner
3 years

Current members

Member Appointed Expires Status
Priscilla Rojas 11/21/2016 10/1/2019 Active
Abigail Norman 11/21/2016 10/1/2019 Active
Shawn Radley 6/18/2018 10/1/2020 Active
Ann Moritz 6/18/2018 10/1/2020 Active
Marie Fukuda 1/20/2017 10/1/2019 Active
Kathryn Niforos 1/20/2017 10/1/2019 Active
Anh Nguyen 1/20/2017 10/1/2019 Active
Hanah Fadrigalan 3/23/2017 10/1/2019 Active
Patricia McSweeney 3/23/2017 10/1/2019 Active
Lana Jackson 6/18/2018 10/1/2019 Active
Paola Garcia 6/18/2018 10/1/2019 Active
Daniel Francois 8/14/2018 10/1/2020 Active
Jennifer Falk 8/14/2018 10/1/2020 Active
Justina Crawford 8/14/2018 10/1/2020 Active
Bridget Brown 10/26/2018 10/1/2021 Active