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Project Name

Blue Hill Ave Action Plan: B1 Sites (unassigned parcels)

Project Parcels


1127 1135 BLUE HILL AV
City of Boston - DND


1228 1230A BLUE HILL AV
City of Boston - DND
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Units Total
To Be Determined
Income-Restricted Units
To Be Determined
Property Size
7,479 sq/ft


Developer Under Agreement

Minority Owned Business

Project Goals

Project Goals: Promote business and mixed-use housing developments through partnerships with the Office of Economic Development (OED through Main Streets) to identify business opportunities for aspiring business owners and the community’s preferences for new commercial and mixed-use businesses on COB parcels.

This effort will include working with ReStore Boston to provide technical assistance and storefront improvement funding for existing businesses.

WORK, Create local jobs, so that neighborhood residents can work where they live.

LIVE, Create opportunities for business owners to live close to their businesses and employees to work close to home affordably.

PLAY, Attract new businesses and services that the neighborhood has been looking for. Connect developers with aspiring and existing business owners.

Leverage DND’s funding, and experience with various types of housing, to assist with financing options for mixed-use (commercial and residential) projects.

Partner with the BPDA to implement the outcomes of the ongoing PLAN: Mattapan initiative. Align project goals for disposition with the values that have been expressed by the community and are represented in the PLAN: Mattapan vision statement.


Spring 2021

Developer Selection

We’ll release a Request for Proposals and select a developer for this site.

May 3, 2021

Request for Proposals (RFP) Opened for Bidding

Jun 09 2021
Blue Hill Avenue Action Plan - B1 RFP Conference

Jun 30 2021
Blue Hill Avenue Action Plan - B1 RFP Networking Session
Jun 30 2021 2:00-3:00PM

Sep 28 2021
Blue Hill Ave. Action Plan: B1 RFP Developer Presentations

City Planning

Predicted Date: Winter 2021
Mar 31 2022
Blue Hill Avenue Action Plan - B1 Project Update
Mar 31 2022 6:00-7:30PM

Apr 01 2022
May 05 2022
The Mayor's Office of Housing (MOH) proposed developer designation recommendations on eight of the ten B1 parcels. On December 15, 2021, the Public Facilities Commission (PFC) approved two tentative developer designations for the eight B1 sites contained in the PFC Vote Request. The two remaining B1 parcels will be re-issued for development in a forthcoming RFP.    Habitat for Humanity Greater Boston (Habitat Boston) was selected as the designated developer for 982-978 Blue Hill Avenue, 1085 Blue Hill Avenue, and 3 Baird Street parcels. For additional information on the Habitat Boston proposal please visit the project page below: https://www.boston.gov/buildinghousing/blue-hill-ave-b1-parcels-habitat-boston   DVM Consulting LLC. was selected as the designated developer for 1015 Blue Hill Avenue, 1019 Blue Hill Avenue, 1028-1044 Blue Hill Avenue, 1039 Blue Hill Avenue, and 6 Fabyan Street parcels. For additional information on the DVM Consulting LLC proposal please visit the project page below: https://www.boston.gov/buildinghousing/blue-hill-ave-b1-parcels-dvm-consulting
Julio Pilier | Project Manager

Under Construction

Predicted Date: To Be Determined

Project Complete

Predicted Date: To Be Determined
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