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Heat Emergency in Boston
Mayor Wu announced a heat emergency in the City of Boston through Wednesday, July 17. Cooling centers will be open at 14 BCYF community centers Monday through Wednesday, from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
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City of Boston Government

Learn about our elected officials, as well as the leaders of our cabinets and departments.

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu

Mayor Michelle Wu

Meet the Mayor

Michelle Wu is the Mayor of Boston. She is a daughter of immigrants, Boston Public Schools mom to two boys, MBTA commuter, and fierce believer that we can solve our deepest challenges through building community. 

Learn about Mayor Wu


Arts and Culture

The mission of the Arts and Culture Cabinet is to foster the growth and well-being of the cultural community and promote participation in the arts. Recognizing the importance of creativity across all policy areas, the cabinet seeks to promote access to arts and culture to all the City’s residents, and to make Boston a municipal arts leader.

Departments, Boards, & Agencies

Community Engagement

The Community Engagement Cabinet seeks to improve the delivery of City Services as well as create opportunities for all Boston Residents to participate in local government.

Departments, Boards, & Agencies


This cabinet leads the overall communications and media relations strategies to support the Mayor's vision for the City.

Departments, Boards, & Agencies

Economic Opportunity and Inclusion

The mission of the Economic Opportunity and Inclusion Cabinet is to lead a broad effort to streamline and support areas of focus that contribute to Boston’s economy including tourism, jobs and employment, business development, and real estate development.

Environment, Energy, and Open Space

The mission of the Environment, Energy and Open Space Cabinet is to coordinate several City departments and programs to enhance sustainability, preserve historic and open space resources, protect the health and safety of the built environment, prepare for climate change, and provide public spaces to gather and recreate in Boston.

Equity and Inclusion

The Equity and Inclusion Cabinet actively works to dismantle racism. We put an intentional focus on supporting communities of color and marginalized groups across all City departments. We plan to build equitable governmental structures to sustain this work. 


The Finance Cabinet ensures that City services are delivered with high quality, with high ethical standards, are financially prudent, are responsive to the needs of the citizens of Boston, and consistent with the laws and ordinances governing municipal government.

Departments, Boards, & Agencies

Human Services

The Human Services Cabinet is committed to promoting the well-being of the City's residents, particularly the most vulnerable. We provide social, recreational, health, and support services to City residents. Our focus is on those experiencing homelessness, persons with disabilities, the elderly, youth, and veterans.

Housing and Neighborhood Development

The cabinet is committed to making Boston the most livable city in the nation. We work with communities to build strong neighborhoods through the strategic investment of public resources.

Departments, Boards, & Agencies

Innovation and Technology

The mission of the Innovation and Technology Cabinet is to provide systems and technologies that develop and support department personnel with information relative to their operations, support strategic planning, promote effective resource management, enhance customer service and promote internal and external electronic and voice communications.

Mayor's Office

The agencies reporting to the Mayor's Office represent the Mayor and the City in legal matters, public relations, and elections. The Mayor's vision for the future of the City is reflected in the policies and directions carried forward by the staff of these offices.

Departments, Boards, & Agencies


The Operations Cabinet oversees all operational activities that intersect with the management of central facilities. The cabinet includes departments that set policies for intergovernmental relations and central municipal properties.

People Operations

The People Operations Cabinet works to build a City of Boston organization that is healthy, responsive, and human-centered. It works to ensure the City’s workforce is supported, and all employees have the tools, policies, and resources needed to complete their jobs.

Departments, Boards, & Agencies


The City of Boston’s Planning Cabinet is led by the Chief of Planning and includes the Planning Department. The staff of the Planning Department support the Zoning Commission, Boston Civic Design Commission, and the BPDA Board. The Chief of Planning also serves as the BPDA’s Director. Together, these bodies form one comprehensive cabinet within the City of Boston focused on guiding the inclusive growth of our city.

Departments, Boards, & Agencies

Policy and Planning

This cabinet advises the Mayor on a wide array of issues. These range from housing to economic mobility and workforce development to substance use disorder. The team coordinates policy initiatives across cabinets and departments. We emphasis breaking down work silos in City government.

Departments, Boards, & Agencies

Public Health

Public service and access to quality health care are the cornerstones of our mission. The Boston Public Health Commission aims to protect, preserve, and promote the health and well-being of all Boston residents, particularly those who are most vulnerable.

Departments, Boards, & Agencies


Boston Public Schools partners with the community, families, and students to develop in every student the knowledge, skill, and character to excel in college, career, and life. BPS is responsible for ensuring that every child has great teachers and great school leaders. 

Departments, Boards, & Agencies


The mission of the Streets Cabinet is to develop, support, and manage all programs, projects, and policies related to vehicular and pedestrian traffic safety. We want to create clean, well-lit, attractive, and efficient infrastructure in the City.

Departments, Boards, & Agencies

Non-Mayoral Departments

These departments are governed independently by appointed or elected officials, but are financed by the City: City Clerk (elected by the City Council); City Council (elected position); Finance Commission (appointed by Governor).

Departments, Boards, & Agencies

Public Safety

Departments in the Public Safety Cabinet serve to protect the lives and property of City residents. The City maintains a ready state of preparedness through sufficient staffing levels, state-of-the-art equipment, and continual training and evaluation of policies and practices. The focus on neighborhood presence helps the City prevent crime, fire, incidents of terrorism, natural disasters quickly, and increases the sense of safety and security by residents and businesses.

Boards and commissions

Boards and commissions are an important part of Boston’s government. Each board or commission works with internal departments, City Councilors, and the public to serve the City. 

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You can find information about the City's many boards and commissions through the link below:

Boards and commissions

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