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Come work for the City of Boston, an Equal Opportunity employer.

New applicant? Please search and apply online. If you're a returning applicant, you can log in. We also have an employee search for current employees.

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Samuel spends his days inspiring the next generation of Bostonians. Learn more about Samuel.

Residency Requirement

Anyone can apply to work for the City, but you must be a resident by your first day of work. View a map of Boston.

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We post jobs and help departments find, retain, and manage qualified and productive employees. We help City employees directly with unemployment benefits, health and life insurance, workers compensation benefits, and assistance programs.

1 City Hall Square
Room 612
Boston, MA 02201-2017

United States

Hear from employees

Hear from employees
"Small impacts are key, because there’s 18,000 of us making small impacts every day."
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"I love everything about this city! It’s a small big city."
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"Any chance I get to serve my fellow veterans is a good day."
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"I’ve received many opportunities to gain more skills and also further my education."
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