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Heat Emergency in Boston
Mayor Wu declared a heat emergency in the City through Thursday, June 20.

Apply for a job through the Career Center

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You can use the Career Center Portal to apply for a job with the City of Boston.


Get your information together

Keep in mind: You need to have an email address so we can contact you.

Creating a resume

The system doesn’t store more than one resume, so the latest one you upload will be the one everyone sees. If you’re applying for a specific type of job, consider using a resume that highlights your relevant experience.

Do you want to apply to more than one position but don’t want to use the same resume? You can:

  • contact the hiring department and send a job specific cover letter and resume to them, or
  • upload a more general resume and draft a job specific cover letter and send the cover letter to the department. You can find more information on cover letters below.
Cover letters

The system doesn’t provide an easy way to attach a cover letter for the hiring manager. There is an email contact at the top of the job description for you to send any additional materials or ask about where you are in the process. Some other options for sending your cover letter include:

  • adding the cover letter to the beginning of your resume when you upload it
  • contacting the hiring department to send a cover letter, or
  • emailing or faxing a cover letter to the department. Remember to request that the department attach the cover letter to your online profile.
Boston residency requirement

Anyone can apply to work for the City, but you must be a resident by your first day of work. You can learn more about the residency requirements for City workers.


Find a job with the City

Search the Career Center

Find a job that you want to apply to? Click on the job and then select, “Apply for this position.”


Submit your application

To apply for a job, you need to complete the personal contact information and add your experience. You can do this in a few ways:

  • upload a resume (and cover letter, if you have one)
  • link to your LinkedIn profile, or
  • enter your experience yourself.

After you give us this information, you’ll be asked to answer questions related to you, your experience, and working for the City. After you complete these questions, you can choose to “Submit” or “Save and Return Later.”

If you click “Submit,” your application will be sent to the department with the open position. You should receive an email from the City about your application, including the job description and email contact for the job.

If you choose “Save and Return Later,” your application is not complete. You need to finish it and submit before the closing date of the job.

  • Need to Know:

    Don’t forget to check your Spam or Junk folders. Sometimes emails we send can get caught there.

  • Contact:
    Human Resources
  • Check on your application status

    You can do a quick check on the status of all the jobs you apply to through the Career Center. Just log into your dashboard.

  • Want more info on a job?

    Contact the hiring department. You can send an email to the contact listed on the Job Description or find a list of departments on

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