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Last updated: 9/30/16

Back Bay Architectural Commission Hearing

The commission's October 12, 2016 public hearing is re-scheduled for Thursday, October 13, 2016.


4:30 PM


5:00 PM

Application 17.374 BB        Various Locations in the Back Bay

 Applicant: Ricardo M. Sousa, Esq. (Applicant)

Proposed Work: Amend the BBAC’s approval for application 16.1294 BB to expand existing Wireless Distributed Antenna System (DAS) by adding 19 new DAS nodes on various street lights between Berkeley Street and Hereford Street by removing the proviso that the arms supporting the light fixtures be curved.

Application 17.366 BB        651 Boylston Street, Unit 1

                                             Applicant: Patrick Sharkey (Applicant)

   Proposed Work: Install new signage at front façade; and modify previously approved location of brick enclosure for kitchen exhaust duct at rear of building.

Application 17.367 BB        755 Boylston Street

                                             Applicant: Patrick Sharkey (Applicant)

  Proposed Work: Remove windows and intermediary brick piers on second floor of front façade and replace with new fixed windows and install metal cladding on brick spandrel      panels above new windows to match detailing on first floor cornice band.

Application 17.335 BB        15 Newbury Street

                                          Applicant: Michael Pocaro (Applicant/Tenant)

                                          Proposed Work: Installation of exterior cooling unit at rear wall of church.

Application 17.371 BB        240A Newbury Street

                                          Applicant: Vincent G. Norton, Jr. (Applicant)

Proposed Work: Removal of existing fire escapes from all elevations; demolition of 1960s connection and replacement with four level connecting structure; demolition of existing Newbury Street bump-out and replacement with a new projection; construction of egress stairs and elevator at rear patio; and installation of new mechanical equipment at roof.

Application 17.321 BB        545 Boylston Street

                                          Applicant: Paul F. Gibbs (Applicant)

Proposed Work: Reconfigure front patio; install new signage at front facade; and replace existing HVAC exhaust and condenser at rear elevation.

Application 17.380 BB        225-227 Newbury Street

                                          Applicant: Thomas G. J. Trykowski (Applicant)

Proposed Work: Redesign previously approved front garden and dig out; and redesign stair access to lower level retail space.

RESIDENTIAL APPLICATIONS:                     

Application 17.316 BB        30 Marlborough Street

                                          Applicant: Douglas Mitchell (Applicant)

Proposed Work: Replace vertical wood sheathing at rear elevation's bay window with flush-board trim with panel insets below windows; and install copper roofing system above the bay window.

Application 17.386 BB        197 Commonwealth Avenue

                                          Applicant: Eve Siu-Tracy (Owner)

Proposed Work: Installation of two copper-clad dormers on existing pitched roof; and installation of decorative ironwork at all elevations.

Application 17.322 BB        520 Beacon Street

                                                Applicant: Paul Hajian (Applicant)

Proposed Work: Rebuild existing roof deck.

 Application 17.320 BB        330 Beacon Street

                                           Applicant: Barry Quinlan (Applicant)

Proposed Work: Repair planter at front façade and replace existing tree at planter at front entry with an ornamental tree.

 Application 17.172 BB        172 Beacon Street

                                           Applicant: Antonio Misdea (Applicant)

Proposed Work: Construct landscape retaining wall and planter in front garden; replace front steps from street; and replace front concrete landing with brick pavers.


Application 17.268 BB              103 Beacon Street: Replace one aluminum arched window at first story of front façade with a wood one-over-one double-hung window.

Application 17.336 BB              119 Beacon Street: Replace three vinyl windows at the fifth floor of the front façade, and replace two vinyl windows at the fifth floor of the rear elevation with wood one-over-one double-hung windows.

Application 17.360 BB              173 Beacon Street: Replace failed areas of existing black rubber roofing  in-kind.

Application 17.319 BB              320 Beacon Street: Replace one wood one-over-one double-hung window at fourth floor of the rear elevation in-kind.

Application 17.362 BB              50 Commonwealth Avenue: Replace six wood six-over-six double-hung windows at the fourth floor of the front façade in-kind.

Application 17.364 BB              283 Commonwealth Avenue: Repair deteriorated areas of sandstone at front façade using a cementitious tinted stucco to match color of existing sandstone.

Application 17.368 BB              337 Commonwealth Avenue: Replace one wood one-over-one double-hung replacement window at the fifth floor of the rear elevation with a two-over-two double-hung wood window.

Application 17.183 BB              393 Commonwealth Avenue: Replace four wood six-over-one single-hung windows at the fifth floor of the front façade in-kind; and replace five wood six-over-one single-hung windows at the fifth floor of the rear elevation in-kind.

Application 17.323 BB              7 Gloucester Street: Install new copper gutters and downspouts at front façade; and rebuild bowing masonry wall at front façade.

Application 17.317 BB              29 Marlborough Street: Repaint exterior woodwork at front Mansard roof, and windows, trim and doors; re-point chimneys and masonry walls with a Type N mortar; and repair steel brackets at fire escape.

Application 17.369 BB              66 Marlborough Street: Repair and replace bluestone entry steps in-kind at Berkeley Street entrance.

Application 17.324 BB              81 Marlborough Street: Replace rotted soffit & fascia board at front façade and paint black.

Application 17.263 BB              85 Marlborough Street: Install new black rubber membrane roof; and rebuild existing roof deck and replace existing wood railings with black iron railings.

Application 17.325 BB              291 Marlborough Street: Replace penthouse black rubber membrane roof in-kind.

Application 17.383 BB              334 Marlborough Street: Repaint wooden detailing at dormers and eaves on front façade and side elevation Benjamin Moore "Black Horizon".

Application 17.326 BB              393 Marlborough Street: Re-point masonry at front façade with lime mortar; and paint fire balconies and windows black.

Application 17.318 BB              5-7 Newbury Street: Re-point masonry at front façade using a lime mortar and repair deteriorated stonework using a tinted mortar.

Application 17.384 BB              31 Newbury Street: Replacement of existing signage at panel at lower level of front façade’s bay window and installation of window signage.

Application 17.341 BB              67 Newbury Street: Repair and restore entry doors; install automated opener at 67 Newbury entry; replace deteriorated sandstone column shaft; and repair cast stone curbing.

Application 17.373 BB              168 Newbury Street: Replace three vinyl one-over-one double-hung windows at the third story of the front façade and two vinyl one-over-one double-hung windows at the third story of the rear elevation with wood one-over-one double-hung windows.

Application 17.385 BB              296 Newbury Street: Replacement of existing signage above front façade’s first story entry door and recover existing awnings at bay window.

Application 17.375 BB              328 Newbury Street: Installation of one wood storefront sign and one wood blade sign at the first story of the front façade.

IV. ADVISORY REVIEW:            45-53 Hereford Street

Proposed Work: Construct 3-story addition, widen existing bay windows, landscaping, adding fenestration and dormers and install mechanical equipment on roof.