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Last updated: 10/28/16

Back Bay Architectural District

The monthly public hearing of the Back Bay Architectural Commission will be held on Wednesday, November 9, 2016


4:00 PM

Executive Session: Discussion of response to Open Meeting Law Complaint.


5:00 PM

Application 17.363 BB        235 Newbury Street

                                                Applicant: James Christopher (Applicant)

Proposed Work: Renovate existing lower and upper patio along Newbury Street and create storage space under upper patio.  Install new wheelchair lift to service street level (first floor) and lower level (basement) retail space.  Patch and repair exterior masonry at front façade.

Application 17.508 BB        551 Boylston Street

                                          Applicant: Lauren Greehan and Warren Nagey (Applicant)

Proposed Work: Installation of new replacement rooftop exhaust fans and compressors, and replace and reconfigure rooftop ductwork.


III.    RESIDENTIAL APPLICATIONS:                     

Application 17.396 BB        382 Commonwealth Avenue

                                          Applicant: Matt Harris (Applicant)

Proposed Work: Remove awning from front façade’s entry.

Application 17.378 BB        465 Beacon Street

                                          Applicant: Anthony Griseto (Applicant)

Proposed Work: At rear elevation’s fourth story, replace existing non-historic three-sash window unit with transoms with three wood double-hung one-over-one windows, and replacement of one wood double-hung one-over-one window.

Application 17.520 BB        197 Commonwealth Avenue

                                          Applicant: Eve Siu-Tracy (Owner)

Proposed Work: At rear building installation of two copper-clad dormers on existing pitched roof; and installation of decorative ironwork at all elevations.

Application 17.518 BB        17 Commonwealth Avenue

                                          Applicant: John P. Walsh, Trustee 17 Commonwealth Trust (Owner)

Proposed Work: Create new lower level parking garage with new ramp, garage entry, pedestrian entry and interior turntable; and convert existing door at rear elevation’s first story into a window.

IV.  Application 17.517 BB              18-19 Arlington Street: Re-point masonry at all elevations of rear addition using Type N mortar.

Application 17.504 BB              125 Beacon Street: Secure deck at rear elevation by attaching ledger board to rim joist of building’s structure.

Application 17.379 BB              227 Beacon Street: Replace five wood casement windows in-kind at second story of rear elevations bay window

Application 17.516 BB              267 Beacon Street: Re-clad existing head house and elevator override in standing seam copper, and replace existing head house fiberglass door with wood door.

Application 17.502 BB              329 Beacon Street: Repaint front façade’s entry door and wood trim around door and transom black; repainting front façade’s basement entry door and wood trim around door and transom black; and repaint street number at front façade’s entry door’s transom.

Application 17.445 BB              354 Beacon Street, Unit 7: Replace four twelve-over-twelve wood windows in-kind at third story of front façade.

Application 17.478 BB              699 Boylston Street: Replace existing internally illuminated storefront signage with new metal and glass signage consisting of fourteen-inch tall white letters with halo lighting.

Application 17.501 BB              755 Boylston Street Re-point and clean brickwork at front façade using Type S mortar colored to match existing mortar; and repair sandstone window lintels and sills with a tinted cementitious stucco.

Application 17.344 BB              801 Boylston Street: Replace nine existing rooftop antennas, six existing remote radio heads, and one existing junction box in-kind.

Application 17.450 BB              37 Commonwealth Avenue: Replace existing black rubber membrane roof in-kind.

Application 17.451 BB              173 Commonwealth Avenue: Install sixteen black aluminum storm windows at front façade.

Application 17.519 BB              287 Commonwealth Avenue: Replace two single-hung wood one-over-one windows and surrounding brick molds in-kind at first story of front façade.

Application 17.444 BB              293 Commonwealth Avenue: Replace four wood one-over-one windows in-kind at sixth story of front façade.

Application 17.479 BB              311 Commonwealth Avenue: Replace all deteriorated wood window trim in-kind at eighth story.


Application 17.443 BB              12 Hereford Street: Replace five double-hung two-over-two fourth story wood windows in-kind; and replace two double-hung one-over-one fourth story wood windows in-kind.

Application 17.442 BB              15 Hereford Street: Repoint masonry at the rear elevation using a Type S mortar to match color of existing mortar; and replace deteriorated wood trim at Mansard roof in-kind.

Application 17.506 BB              70 Marlborough Street: Repaint fence at front garden and railing at front façade’s entry steps black; and clean entry steps.

Application 17.376 BB              197 Marlborough Street: Replace concrete front entry sidewalk with brick pavers.

Application 17.446 BB              364 Marlborough Street: Replace roof slate at front and side elevations of Mansard roof in-kind; and new copper gutter to match existing gutter.

Application 17.439 BB              115 Newbury Street: Replace deteriorated sections of concrete sidewalk at front façade in-kind.

Application 17.440 BB              127-129 Newbury Street: Replace deteriorated sections of concrete sidewalk at front façade in-kind.

Application 17.505 BB              140 Newbury Street: Repair roof balustrade at front façade by dismantling it, replacing base rail in-kind, and reassembling the components.

Application 17.397 BB              157-159 Newbury Street: Remove existing roof decks, replace deteriorated slate at Mansard roof in-kind; repair rubber roof and copper flashings and gutters; install new roof drains; and rebuild top four brick courses of south parapet wall with new brick and mortar matching the color, texture and dimensions of the existing brick.

Application 17.447 BB              160 Newbury Street: Replace four wood double-hung one-over-one windows in-kind at the fifth floor of the front façade; and replace nine wood double-hung one-over-one windows in-kind at the fifth floor of the rear elevation.

Application 17.343 BB              173 Newbury Street: Re-point masonry at front façade with a Type N mortar; ;repair limestone trim with a tinted cementitious stucco; and replace deteriorated limestone trim with cast stone matching the color of the existing stone.

Application 17.387 BB              223 Newbury Street: Replace an existing bracket sign with a new metal sign; and replace window signage.

Application 17.492 BB              240 Newbury Street: Install new black rubber membrane roof.

Application 17.441 BB              326 Newbury Street: Replace deteriorated wood entry door in-kind.