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Last updated: 9/2/16

Beacon Hill Architectural Commission

Revised Agenda

Beacon Hill Architectural Commission monthly public hearing


4:00 PM                        

17.157 BH         Spruce Place & 45 Beacon Street

Applicant: Jinny Nathans, American Meteorological Society Inc. (Applicant)

Proposed Work: Ratification of the grade change for all of Spruce Place; install a six-inch asphalt berm along the south side of Spruce Place; modify a door opening at the rear façade of the carriage barn; install new granite bollards at both the east and west sides of the carriage barn; and replace non-matching face brick at select locations on the rear façade of the carriage barn.

4:30 PM                        

17.197 BH          70 Myrtle Street

Applicant: David Freed, Choo & Company, Inc. (Architect)

Proposed Work: Alter the slope of the rear gabled roof and reinstall the slate shingles; relocate and install new roof skylights; remove the existing entryway infill and relocate the interior vestibule infill to the exterior; remove a portion of the fire escape; remove the storm windows and non-historic window sashes and install six-over-six double-hung wood windows with a black painted finish; replace the louvered wood shutters with a black painted finish in-kind.

4:45 PM                        

17.273 BH         2 Chestnut Street

Applicant: Marc Beaulieu, Aedi Construction LLC (Applicant)

Proposed Work: Install light fixture above the garden level passageway; replace the door hardware and the intercom at the main entryway.

5:00 PM                        

17.279 BH         20 West Cedar Street

Applicant: Kenneth Leary, Boston Craftsmen Corp. (Applicant)

Proposed Work: Replace the non-historic 3’-9” tall wood fence on top of the 8’-0” tall brick fence along the rear property line fronting Cedar Way Lane.

5:15 PM                        

17.158 BH         17 Hancock Street

Applicant: Dartagnan Brown, Embarc Studio, LLC (Architect)

Proposed Work: Modify the rear roof to create an inset dormer with a roof deck; modify the first floor openings on the rear façade; remove non-historic windows at the rear façade and install two-over-two, double-hung wood windows with a black painted finish; remove the non-historic aluminum panning and restore the historic wood brick molds at all window openings; repoint; replace damaged face brick in-kind; restore browntone features using a tinted cementitious stucco; clean the masonry façade; repair and repaint the wood lintels black at the rear façade; select replacement of the asphalt roof shingles in-kind.

5:30 PM                        

17.149 BH         11 Temple Street

Applicant: Aaron Weinert, Studio DRAW (Architect)

Proposed Work: Construct an elevator rooftop bulkhead; replace all of the one-over-one, two-over-two, six-over-one arch-headed, six-over-one square-headed, and diamond-paned-over-one double-hung and three-light fixed wood windows and wood brick molds all with an off-white painted finish in-kind; replace the paneled wood door fronting Ridgeway Lane in-kind; and repaint the fire escapes black.

5:45 PM                        

17.192 BH         73 Mount Vernon Street

Applicant: Julien Jalbert, Sousa Design Architects (Architect)

Proposed Work: Replace the six-over-six windows at the fourth floor front façade, second floor ell extension, and third and fourth floor rear façade with two-over-two, double-hung wood windows with a black painted finish; replace the white single-lite casement windows at the fifth floor with single-lite wood casement windows with a black painted finish; replace the two-over-four, single-hung at the first and second floors and two-over-two, double-hung at the third floor and second floor rear, all wood windows with a black painted finish in-kind; repaint the iron railings and entry door black, and the entryway surround white; replace slate shingles on the setback penthouse in-kind; and replace all copper gutters and leaders in-kind.



16.1583 BH   68 Beacon Street, Apt. 3E: Remove and replace eleven eight-over-eight, double-hung wood windows with a black painted finish at the third floor on both the Beacon Street and Charles Street façades.

16.1440 BH   72 Beacon Street: Repair and repaint the wood frieze, louvered wood shutters and entry door gray; restore the transom windows; and clean the façade.

17.151 BH     87 Beacon Street: Remove two non-historic one-over-one and one two-over-two, double-hung wood window at the second floor, and install three two-over-two, double-hung wood windows with a black painted finish.

16.1699 BH   84 Charles Street: Replace deteriorated sections of the wood storefront in-kind; and scrape, prime and repaint the storefront off-white.

17.274 BH     1 Chestnut Street: Scrape, prime and repaint two garden level (basement) windows black.

17.272 BH     66 Chestnut Street, Apt. 2: Remove and replace six six-over-six, two four-over-four, and one ten-over-ten, double-hung wood windows with a black painted finish on the first floor at the rear and side façades.

17.225 BH     90-90A Chestnut Street: Replace the concrete entry steps at both entryways and one window sill in-kind.

16.1774 BH   20 Hancock Street: Remove and replace the roofing membrane system and copper gutter in-kind; and remove a visible rooftop air conditioning unit and install a new non-visible rooftop air conditioning unit.

17.275 BH     9 Joy Street: Repaint the entry door beige, entryway vestibule trim off-white, and the first floor window off-white; replace the door kickplate, number and mail slot with brass features finished to match the door knob; and clean and reinstall the door knocker.

17.195 BH     14 Louisburg Square: Repoint the front stoop; replace the copper roof apron, flashing and ridge cap, and the snow guard system in-kind.

17.243 BH     19 Louisburg Square: Replace a deteriorated brownstone windowsill with a tinted precast concrete sill.

17.186 BH     28-30 Mount Vernon Street: Remove and replace the granite base and reinstall the wrought iron railing on top of the granite along the perimeter of the front areaway.

17.229 BH     85 Mount Vernon Street: Repoint stone wall and reset loose stones.

17.278 BH     98 Mount Vernon Street: Remove and replace the copper roof, flashing and drip edge in-kind at the second floor bay window and at the first floor entryway.

17.193 BH     86 Revere Street: Remove and replace the roofing membrane system and associated copper flashing and drip edges in-kind; and temporarily lift the roof deck to perform the roof work (no changes to roof deck).

17.198 BH     4 Walnut Street: Repoint garden level granite steps.

17.280 BH     16 West Cedar Street: Remove the non-historic masonry border around the window well, and install a granite border set flush with the brick sidewalk.