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Last updated: 10/25/18

Fall Homeownership Fair

Learn everything you need to know about homeowning and homebuying in one day!

Meet lenders, realtors, and home repair experts who will be available to assist you with all your homebuying and homeownership needs. While you are there, you can take a free class in homebuying, home repairing, or selling your home. Join us!!!

Meet the Lenders and Realtors

Lenders and realtors will be available throughout the morning to talk with prospective homebuyers. This is a great opportunity to meet with several different mortgage lenders to understand their products and your purchase and refinance options.

(You should register for Meet the Lenders to attend the fair, even if you do not plan to take a class.)

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Fall Fair Class Schedule

Homebuying Financing & Lottery Opportunities
9AM- 9:45AM & 11:15AM

Thinking about buying a home? This class is a great opportunity to find out about the resources and services available to help you purchase a home, including moderately priced homes through the Neighborhood Homes Initiative lottery.

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Homebuying 100: Intro to Homeownership 
10AM- 11AM

You’ll learn the pros and cons of homeownership, preparing your finances, and determine what type of home is right for you. This class is ideal for anyone exploring the homebuying process.

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Credit Building Seminar 

Having a hard time understanding credit and how it affects you? Would you like to learn how to improve your credit score? As part of the Boston Builds Credit, we want you to understand (1) why credit is important, (2) that you don’t have to be rich to have good credit but you need to understand how the system works, and (3) there are free resources, often near your home or work, such as the coaching at the Roxbury Center to help you build your credit.

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Healthy Home Repairs

Learn about the Boston Home Center’s home repair assistance programs and deleading your home with our grant funds.

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