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Last updated: 9/22/16

South End Landmark District Commission Hearing

SELDC Hearing

(Use Congress Street As An Exit/Entrance After 5:30 P.M.)



The SOUTH END LANDMARK DISTRICT COMMISSION will hold a public hearing:


DATE:                               Tuesday, October 4, 2016    

TIME:                                5:30 P.M.

PLACE:                             BOSTON CITY HALL, PIEMONTE ROOM, 5TH FLOOR


Subject of the hearing will be applications for Certificates of Design Approval on the agenda below, reviews of architectural violations, and such businesses as may come before the commission, in accordance with Chapter 772 of the Acts of 1975, as amended.  Applications are available for public inspection during normal business hours at the office of the Environment Department.  Applicants or their representatives are advised to attend, unless indicated otherwise. Sign language interpreters are available upon request. 

Please ensure that all electronic devices are silenced prior to entering the hearing room.

After 5:30 p.m., enter and exit City Hall at the Dock Square entrance on Congress Street (across from Faneuil Hall).




 John Amodeo, John Freeman, Catherine Hunt, Diana Parcon

Alternate: Peter Sanborn




5:30                                     561 Massachusetts Avenue

Application: 17.201 SE     Douglas and Diane Saglio, Owners: Replace unapproved garage door with paneled garage door. Also seeking approval for unapproved widening of the garage door opening which was completed by a previous owner. (prior decision nullified - rehearing)


5:45                                     36 Clarendon Street

Application: 17.310 SE     Gerry DiPerro, Contractor: Install new roof deck.


6:00                                     4 East Concord Street

Application: 16.087 SE     Paul Curtis, Architect: Extend mansard roof an additional 4' to create a parapet wall.


6 East Concord Street

Application: 16.088 SE     Paul Curtis, Architect: Extend mansard roof an additional 4' to create a parapet wall.


8 East Concord Street

Application: 16.089 SE     Paul Curtis, Architect: Extend mansard roof an additional 4' to create a parapet wall.


10 East Concord Street

Application: 16.090 SE     Paul Curtis, Architect: Extend mansard roof an additional 4' to create a parapet wall.


6:15                                     49 East Concord Street

Application: 17.351 SE     Ghita Akkar, Owner: Install a roof deck, and hatch for access. (other to admin)


6:30                                     31 Milford Street

Application: 17.354 SE     Amit and Gitika Desai, Owners: Replace existing chimney in kind. Install new wood windows, replace roof at bow front with copper cladding. Repoint brick on façade. Replace existing front steps with granite. Replace stoop door in kind. Straighten stoop staircase and rebuild front planter in kind.


6:45                                     86 Berkeley Street

Application: 17.350 SE     Timothy Sheehan, Project Architect: Install a roof deck and extend the head house height 18" in a 4' by 5' area.



Application: 16.1670 SE   595 Tremont Street

                                            Kelly Robbins, General Contractor: Replace iron railings. (other to admin)



In order to expedite the review process, the Commission has delegated the approval of certain work items, such as those involving ordinary maintenance and repair, restoration or replacement, or which otherwise have a minimal impact on a building’s appearance, to the staff pending ratification at its monthly public hearing.  Having been identified as meeting these eligibility criteria and all applicable guidelines, the following applications will be approved at this hearing:


►Applicants listed under this heading NEED NOT APPEAR at the hearing.  Following the hearing, please present a copy of this agenda at the Inspectional Services Department (1010 Massachusetts Avenue) when applying for permits.  ISD personnel will send an electronic copy of your building-permit application to the Environment Department. (To avoid confusion, the text of your building-permit application should be consistent with the project description given below.) Upon its receipt, Commission staff will accordingly authorize the execution of the work, attaching any applicable provisos, reflecting the relevant guidelines and precedents. 

PLEASE NOTE THAT NO FURTHER CORRESPONDENCE WILL BE ISSUED for the applications listed below:  the electronic building-permit application as annotated by Commission staff will constitute your Certificate of Appropriateness. The applicant is required to notify the commission of any project changes; failure to do so may affect the status of the approval.

If you have any questions not addressed by the above information, please consult staff at the telephone number above, or at Thank you. 


17.352 SE: 17 Appleton Street: Replace 5 2/2 wood windows on the front facade in kind.

17.295 SE: 151 Appleton Street: Repair and replace wood trim in kind at roof line of west elevation. Repair and replace wood trim in kind on front façade, including door surround.

17.244 SE: 40 Berkeley Street: Replace deteriorated areas of brick in kind. (emergency repair)

17.296 SE: 39 Concord Square: Repoint front façade, resetting or replacing damaged bricks. Restore and repaint all front brownstone sills and lintels in kind. Repair wooden trim around windows in kind. Repair and repaint front fire escape in kind.

17.308 SE: 23 Dartmouth Street: Repoint portions of façade and repair sills, lintels and window trim in kind. (emergency repair)

17.346 SE: 81 Dartmouth Street: Repaint front stoop in kind.

17.294 SE: 109 Dartmouth Street: Repoint front façade.

17.351 SE: 49 East Concord Street: Replace 4  straight sash in kind. Repair 3 straight sash. Replace 2 curved sash and repair 2 curved sash. Repoint façade as needed. Repaint sills and lintels in kind as needed. (other to hearing)

17.349 SE: 4 Lawrence Street: Replace slate roof at front mansard in kind with slate. Replace copper gutter in kind. Replace all wood trim at dormer in kind.

17.293 SE: 21 Milford Street: Replace 3 2/2 wood windows on the front façade in kind. Replace 2 2/2 wood arched windows in front dormer in kind.

17.292 SE: 21 Milford Street: Replace 5 2/2 wood windows on the front facade in kind.

17.353 SE: 100 Pembroke Street: Replace 25 wood windows in kind.

17.290 SE: 259 Shawmut Avenue: Install new roof shingles and new copper flashing and drip edge on front pitched roof. (emergency repair)

17.309 SE: 306 Shawmut Avenue: Repair wood on bay in kind and install copper flashing with 1" overhang.

16.1670 SE: 595 Tremont Street: Repair stucco at basement level in kind. Repair front stoop in kind. Replace 11 windows in kind. (other to hearing)

17.298 SE: 42 Union Park:  Repair and repaint front stoop in kind.

17.348 SE: 18 Wellington Street: Replace 2 1/1 wood windows and 1 2/2 wood window in kind.

17.297 SE: 223 West Canton Street: Replace 3 2/2 wood windows on the front façade in kind.

17.342 SE: 243 West Newton Street: Reset uneven brick pavers on front walkway. Repaint front steps.

17.347 SE: 10 Worcester Square: Replace 5 wood 2/2 windows in kind.



Date posted: September 22, 2016