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Last updated: 3/6/17

Visual merchandising for small businesses

This winter, Mayor Walsh and the Office of Economic Development launched a free workshop series to support the City’s small business ecosystem.

Future Chefs
On Wednesday, March 22, we will host a workshop to share best practices for making your business look the most appealing to current and prospective customers. We will look at the best ways to spruce up your property, outside and inside. We will review great ideas for visual merchandising on the sales floor and in your windows.  You'll also learn easy ways to build your business identity into a recognizable brand, and make all of your communications compelling in print and online. The event is held in partnership with Four Corners Main Street and Retail Visioning.

The goal of the winter workshop series is to provide guidance for all entrepreneurs and small businesses of all types and development stages across Boston’s neighborhoods. The workshops are held in partnership with Boston Main Streets and Economic Development's technical assistance program.