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Georgie Friedman

Boston artist-in-residence

Georgie Friedman, the Department of Neighborhood Development, and Parks and Recreation Department worked with constituents to explore new uses for neglected space in the city.

"ALTERING THE CITY: VIDEO LANDSCAPE" is a proposal for a large-scale, site-specific installation that will project video of natural elements on to existing architecture. To further the City’s mission of creating vibrant and equitable neighborhoods, Ms. Friedman and DND worked on site selection with a particular focus on areas in need of revitalization.

Georgie Friedman is an interdisciplinary artist whose projects include large-scale video installations, single and multi-channel videos, and several photographic series. The City of Boston has many foreclosed, in-limbo or vacant properties, such as lots and buildings. Boston's Department of Neighborhood Development wants to revitalize these properties through its Main Streets business district program and by transferring the properties to the Parks and Recreation Department. Via the Boston AIR program, Ms. Friedman’s project creates a bridge between municipal government and community organizations interested in improving their neighborhoods with public art.

Watch: Georgie Friedman's Boston AIR Video
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