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Expanding broadband in Boston

Learn about Boston's fiber optic network, and how we're expanding it.


Boston Fiber Optic Network (BoNET) provides service for City offices and public safety. The network is faster and cheaper than leasing services for phone, data, and video.

The network has been up and running since 2008. At first, it connected 130 City offices through ten hubs. We've added 50 more buildings and Wi-Fi hotspots since then. Comcast and RCN own the network and provide service through franchise agreements.

We use the latest equipment and designs to us a network big enough and fast enough to meet the needs of a growing City.

Still have questions? Contact:
Broadband and Cable
43 Hawkins Street
Suite 1B
Boston MA  02114
United States

Expanding the network

We're working to make the network bigger to connect public schools and safety sites throughout the City. The network will give public school students better access to information and education. It will also improve communication between police, fire, and emergency services.

The expansion will soon connect nine public safety and transit service sites. Right now, there are 26 schools and 38 libraries connected to the network.

The expansion will connect the final 89 schools, giving all public schools better speeds for educational tools like:

  • computer-based tests
  • online learning
  • video services
  • Wi-Fi, and
  • any future online needs.