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Damien Margardo

Program Manager, Parks & Recreation

Damien Margardo, a native of East Boston, is dedicated to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle within his community. With a background initially rooted in the Boston Centers for Youth & Families, Damien has transitioned to a role within the Boston Parks and Recreation Department. His passion for organizing sports, particularly hockey and archery, adds a unique vibrancy to Boston's sports scene.

What sets Damien apart is his commitment to inclusivity and accessibility in sports and recreation. He understands the importance of reaching individuals of all ages and backgrounds, and he actively works to provide invaluable opportunities for them. Damien's approach involves forming partnerships with schools, community organizations, and local businesses. By leveraging these collaborations, he ensures that his programs are well-supported and cater to the diverse spectrum of Bostonians.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Damien finds fulfillment in spending time with his family and engaging in various sports activities, such as hockey, basketball, and running. His passion for DJing also highlights his creative side and his ability to connect with others through music.

Overall, Damien Margardo's dedication to public service and his diverse interests make him an asset to the Boston community. Through his work in sports, recreation, and community engagement, he enriches the lives of residents and fosters a sense of unity and well-being throughout the city.

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