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Mayor's Youth Council

The council connects, engages, and empowers Boston’s diverse youth through government and civic participation.

Please note: We are not currently accepting applications for the Mayor's Youth Council.

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Youth Engagement and Employment

Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

About the council

The Mayor's Youth Council is a model of youth inclusion in government and civic engagement. As the first Mayor’s Youth Council in the nation, it has spurred cities across the nation, and even internationally, to examine how they include youth in local government. Please contact if you are interested in the program.

The council is a group of high school students that come from every neighborhood in the City. All Ambassadors are confirmed by the Mayor Janey. They are charged with representing their peers, community members, and youth across the City. They work with:

  • the Mayor’s Office
  • community leaders, and
  • City officials.

The goal of the program is to find and put in place positive solutions through civic engagement and project management. 

Benefits of the Mayor's Youth Council

  • Increases voter participation from younger demographics.
  • Connects youth to city government.
  • Builds a youth's network with youth leaders from across the City.

  • Educates youth about the civic process.
  • Encourages youth to prioritize social change and justice.

Listen to Mayor's Youth Council directors talk about why civic engagement is important.

Council Committees

Council Committees

The Art and Culture Committee's goal is to:

  • improve youth access to Boston’s art community, and
  • engage young people in cultural programs, events, and experiences.

The Education Committee's goal is to:

  • increase youth access to educational resources, and
  • create and support initiatives in education through programming and advocacy. 

The Civic Engagement Committee's goal is to:

  • create opportunities for Boston youth to engage in local government, and
  • encourage youth participation in City government by connecting youth to civic projects and initiatives.

The Climate Action Committee’s goal is to:

  • impact Boston’s engagement in climate change
  • ensure youth have a voice in the future of Boston’s climate change, and
  • address issues of climate change. We want to ensure that future generations can prosper both in the City of Boston and worldwide.

The Public Health and Safety Committee's goal is to:

  • advocate for the health of Boston’s residents, and
  • create initiatives, programs, and policies around youth violence intervention and prevention.

The Public Peace Committee’s goal is to:

  • increase youth voice, and
  • increase youth impact in public safety solutions in the City of Boston.

The Workforce and Economic Development Committee goal is to:

  • increase access to youth jobs, and
  • connect youth to job training, economic opportunities, and financial literacy.

The Youth Lead the Change Committee's goal is to:

  • expand youth participation in City government
  • include youth voice in the City's budgetary decision-making process, and
  • increase voter turnout by exposing young people to voting on City capital projects.

2020 Impact Projects

2020 Impact Projects

We aim to promote the arts and celebrate the diverse culture of Boston's youth. This year, we are hosting an online showcase for youth artists with the theme, "Cultural Identity and Heritage". Submissions will be posted on the MYC Instagram @Citybosyouth and the artist will be tagged. View the project.

We will hold a virtual event to educate youth about the impacts of COVID-19 on youth and mental health. We will have help from City officials and specialists from the Boston Health Commission and Boston Public Schools. These officials will talk to the youth and answer questions. They will also provide information on mental health and job and educational opportunities around the City. Our hope is that young people across the City will leave having gained emotional intelligence. We want them to feel resourceful and connected to mental health and education support in Boston. View the project.

Our secure the displaced pamphlet will focus on resources for displaced and homeless youth in Boston. The pamphlet will contain information on:

  • shelters
  • food banks and meal sites, and
  • youth-focused organizations.

Our public service announcement will promote composting and local resources for Boston's youth. This is beneficial for students. It's also a great learning opportunity for youth and their families across the City. We want to encourage community members to participate in composting. We will provide them with composting sites that could potentially spark interest in going green. View the project.

We're advocating for menstrual products to be distributed throughout schools and other public facilities. We plan to further push our agenda over social media. Our goal is to have these basic necessities provided throughout the future.

We're working with Bullets over Boston, a new youth-led organization in Boston. They will be creating a video and posting it to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The video addresses:

  • what Bullets Over Boston does
  • how they align with the public peace committee's mission
  • how youth in Boston can be more involved, and
  • ways they can get their voices heard.

Many youth are at home with parents who speak foreign languages. These parents need their children to help them fill out paperwork, including unemployment, in English. We want to be the bridge that connects youth and parents to resources provided by the City. We will host a webinar to answer questions and direct participants to these helpful resources.

Council members

Director: Emily Sun
Deputy Director: Miguel Rincon
Celine Udokporo
Elizabeth Choi
Mackenzie Brown
Agury Suazo
Nancy Nguyen
Lucas Rothman
Director: Miggy Antonio
Deputy Director: Cinly Mo
Aamaya Guzman
Jaleel Cardoso
Amishai Goodman-Goldstein
Ayden Cardoso
Amy Le
Salma Murphy
Katie Mohammed
Andrew Lavin
Luke Bortolotto
Director: Bermina Chery
Deputy Director: Kejsi Demaj
Ruth Shiferaw
Brianna Rosa
Kimberly Owens
Caroline Fisher
Ava Sullivan-Thomas 
Alaa Alramahi
Esther Ajibola
Eva St. Clair
Director: Jasmine Wong
Deputy Director: Iris Zhang
Jasmine Adams-Lemar
Judy Li
Letti Yowhannes
Kim Nguyen
Khadija Raza
Adefikayo Ajao
Dorion Levy
Pin Yi Chen
Director: Katie Rouse
Deputy Director: Damian Harrison
Debanyeline Perez
Katie Mcnair
Suraiya Depina
Anadalay Mateo
Muna Abanoor
Aniyah Johnson
Sandy Ngyuen
Zayda Adams
public health
Director: Nini Ngyuen
Deputy Director: Wahaaj Farah
Jessie Wang
Thomas White
Zeinab Yusuf
Maggie Olson
Sanjana Singh
Madelyn Taylor
Makayla Francois
Madelyn Wheelan
Christina Ngyuen
Director: Willem Santry
Deputy Director: William Hu
Kalise Wynter
RJ Petruccelli
Isaac Hernandez
Jahsenica Parker
Mistchnache Prinston
Rosaylin Bautista
Niamh Mcquaid
Director: Olivia Ardito
Deputy Director: Spoorthi Channappa
Concetta Vitale
Mira Yu
Lily Huang
Deborah Adebanjo
Emma Lu
Mihn Mai
Teddy Pasto
Sachel Borges Arias
Shali Holliday
Maybelline Rodriguez
Tavaj Cope
Darren Seto

Contact Us

Are you a student interested in civic engagement, a school or community-based organization interested in learning more about the council, or someone looking for more information on the Mayor's Youth Council model? Contact us at

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