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Boston Asthma Home Visit Program

Home visits identify living conditions that can trigger asthma symptoms.

    These visits are provided by trained Community Health Workers (CHWs) to help Boston families address asthma and identify conditions in their homes that can trigger asthma symptoms.

    Asthma home visits

    Asthma home visits have helped hundreds of Boston residents control asthma. Home visits identify living conditions that can trigger asthma symptoms.  

    During a home visit, a Community Health Worker:

    • Assesses the home environment for asthma triggers.
    • Shares information and resources to reduce or end triggers.
    • Works with families to create an asthma management plan.
    • Reviews asthma symptoms, asthma medications and the patient's Asthma Action Plan.

    How can I get an Asthma Home Visit?

    Patients: Ask your doctor or healthcare provider to make a referral to the program. Once we get the referral a Community Health Worker will call.

    Providers:  Make a referral for a home visit by completing the electronic Provider Referral Form. Please note: patients must live in the city of Boston. 


    BPHC coordinates home visits with partners in the Boston Asthma Home Visit Collaborative. Partners have provided over 3,000 home visits. Collaborative members offer asthma home visits in English, Chinese, Haitian Creole, and Spanish.

    Boston Children's Hospital - Community Asthma Initiative (CAI)
    The Community Asthma Initiative improves quality of life for children with asthma. Eligible children are between 2 and 18 years old. Children must have visited Boston Children's Emergency Department or been hospitalized for asthma. We accept referrals from primary care providers and asthma specialists within the hospital's network.

    Brigham and Women’s Hospital - Partners Asthma Center
    Our services include managing difficult-to-control asthma, occupational asthma, and asthma among pregnant women. Some of our physicians are bilingual. They can provide care in Spanish, Hebrew and Russian as well as English.

    The East Boston Neighborhood Health Center - Asthma and COPD Home Visit Program
    This is a no-cost program for patients with uncontrolled asthma or COPD. Community health workers help patients address asthma or COPD triggers at home, reduce asthma or COPD symptoms, and correctly use medications.

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