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Mayor's Youth Council

Youth leaders in government

The Mayor’s Youth Council connects youth to civic participation in government. Members are appointed by Mayor Walsh to connect, engage, and empower Boston’s diverse youth population.

Benefits of the Mayor's Youth Council

  • Increases voter participation from younger demographics.
  • Connects youth to city government.
  • Builds a youth's network with youth leaders from across the city.

  • Educates youth about the civic process.
  • Encourages youth to prioritize social change and justice.

Council Committees

Council Committees

The Public Health and Safety Committee's goal is to:

  • advocate for the health of Boston’s residents, and

  • create initiatives, programs, and policies around youth violence intervention, and prevention.

The Education Committee's goal is to:

  • increase youth access to educational resources, and
  • creating and supporting initiatives in education through programming and advocacy. 

The Art & Culture Committee's goal is to:

  • improve youth access to Boston’s art community, and
  • engage young people in cultural programs, events, and experiences.

The Civic Engagement Committee's goal is to:

  • create opportunities for Boston youth to engage in local government, and
  • encourage youth participation in City government by connecting youth to civic projects and initiatives.

The Workforce and Economic Development Committee goal is to:

  • increase access to youth jobs, and
  • connect youth to job training, economic opportunities, and financial literacy.

The Youth Lead the Change Committee goal is to:

  • expand youth participation in city government
  • include youth voice in the City's budgetary decision-making process, and
  • increase voter turnout by exposing young people to voting on City capital projects.

2018-2019 council information

2018-2019 council information

Aaron Cumberbatch 
Armen Youssoufian
Cristalle De Jesus
Nasra Hassan 
Neena Val
Prescesh Morrison
Shakeriah Baxter 


William Henry Harney V
Bergeline Hilaire
Caroline Flynn
Daisy Wang
Joan Dotruong
Luke Bortolotto
Megan Malkemes
Michael Martinez
Stephen Jimenez
Sultan Samidinov


Ajan Patel
Anna Zhao
Catherine Murray
Dellena Bereket
Ifeanyi Umunna
Jervell Williams
Jessica Pelaez
Matthew Wang
Melvin Zapata Mendez
Wahaaj Farah


Asmani Huda
Bermina Marseille Chery
Donna Gee
Gianna Borgos
Gianna Odlum
Hailey McPherson 
Isabelle L'Huillier
Joseph Malollari
Katie Rouse
Laura Goodfield
Liane Xu
Meredith Zielonka
Miguel Rincon
Mila Contreras Godfrey
Mohamed Abanoor
Saoirse Hanbury 


Fergus Sullivan
Kingston Herbert
Miggy Antonio
Minh Mai
Prescott Herbert
Raynise A. Charles
Seamus Buckley
Spoorthi Channappa


Andrew M. Lavin 
Carina Layfield
Daniel Bryan
Dennis Wu
Kimi Nguyen
Korey Sam
Theodore Pasto
Vikiana Petit-Homme
Edozie Umunna
Emily Sun
Libby Wu
Stevenson Elianor
Taalin RaoShah
Ian Lee
Kevin Wu
Luz Pimentel
Ayan Omar
Masha Leyfer
Aidan Donnelly
Anthony Curioso
Arionnah Vaughn
Cait Duncan
Cherish Lamar- Smith
Christina Bartley
Danelia Gossop
David Xie
Essence Smith
Ethan Phan
Gage McWeeny
Jennifer Cartagena
McKenzie Kelly
Mumin Mohamed
Nasarith Berhe
Ngoc Bich Nguyen
Olivia Ardito
Rebecca Lipsitch
Stella Dzialas
Thomas White 
Veronica Tai-Padron Dawson
Zharia Coulter
Gavriella Gonzalez
Kalel A. Mullings