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City of Boston Parks Department permits now available online


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Parks and Recreation

The streamlined permitting and reservation system makes it easier for residents to access parks services.

Mayor Martin J. Walsh and the Boston Parks Department today announced the launch of Active Net, a new online registration system that is now available for park users to view Parks' facility details and request reservations for these facilities from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

"I'm proud that we're continuing to expand the number of digital services available to our residents, offering a convenient way for them to access the services and resources available," said Mayor Walsh. "This new online platform will allow residents to easily request reservations for park space for athletics and special events from their computers or smartphones, and will promote equity and access to park facilities."

The Active Net online permitting system allows transparency and accessibility for all permit requests by providing applicants with real-time access, one-stop shopping, online payment options. In addition, it provides Parks Department permitting staff with accounting, data, and schedules all in one place, automatic reports, and more time to assist constituents.  Users can also register for multiple programs in one transaction, making the registration and payment process faster and more convenient. In order to access the online registration portal, users are required to create an account with the system.

"Access and equity are at the forefront of Mayor Walsh's Parks First agenda", said Parks Commissioner Chris Cook.  "Online permitting ensures more opportunity for our residents, especially our youth, to access their public parks."

Today's announcement builds on Mayor Walsh's commitment to improving permitting systems across City departments and increasing residents' accessibility to resources and services. Most recently, Mayor Walsh launched an online permitting platform to support supporting businesses, homeowners, and contractors through the entire permitting process. Other efforts include the opening of SuccessLink, an online tool that enables Boston youth to register for summer jobs; making moving truck permits available online; a new online permit tracking tool, and online applications for several Boston Fire Department permits and licenses.

To use the new system, go to the Parks and Recreation website and follow the link on how to get a permit to hold an event at a park. Assistance with online applications is also available at the Parks and Recreation Department offices on the third floor of 1010 Massachusetts Avenue in Roxbury, Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.