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City of Boston welcomes entrepreneurs from "Big Booster" program

February 9, 2016

Mayor's Office

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Mayor's Office

Boston to sign the Memorandum of Understanding with Lyon, France, "Big Booster" Camp participants from France, Middle East and Africa, to support technology advancement and entrepreneurship.

 In partnership with MassChallenge and the City of Lyon, France, Mayor Martin J. Walsh today welcomed a visiting delegation of 20 entrepreneurs, government and industry leaders to Boston for Big Booster's week-long boot camp program, in the City of Boston, to accelerate innovation for technology startups globally.  Big Booster, launched in April 2015, is the first non-profit, international accelerator program between Boston and Lyon, France. In addition to this week's boot camp activities for participating entrepreneurs, Mayor Walsh and Vice-Mayor of Lyon Karine Dognin-Sauze, together will sign a Memorandum of Understanding, in the presence of the Ambassador of France to the US Gérard Araud, the first between the two cities to build upon shared opportunities in Boston and Lyon.

"We're thrilled these entrepreneurs are coming to the City of Boston to learn, grow and showcase their talent," said Mayor Walsh. "This Big Booster boot camp is a testament of Boston's standing as a hub of innovation. We're honored that Lyon has become a thoughtful and strong global neighbor in these efforts. Our growing economic partnership with Lyon continues to foster innovative collaboration and entrepreneurship that supports local and global talent, generating creativity in Boston and internationally."

"There is a natural partnership between Boston and Lyon, as both cities are committed to innovation and entrepreneurship," said  Karine Dognin-Sauze, Vice President and Deputy Mayor of the City of Lyon." "The Big Booster boot camp at MassChallenge is an exciting celebration of our bilateral collaboration and an important milestone in continued exchange between these two strategic hubs."

Throughout the week, 20 entrepreneurs from Europe, Middle East and Africa are participating in the Big Booster boot camp supported by more than 30 industry and government leaders (see below for a complete list of boot camp startup participants).  Big Booster focuses especially on entrepreneurship in health, digital, and environment and sustainability. Following Big Booster's official launch in April 2015, Lyon hosted the first boot camp in October 2015 which included 72 quarterfinalists. From the beginning, the Big Booster program has been advised by MassChallenge, the most startup-friendly accelerator on the planet, which is headquartered in Boston.

"We are so pleased to host and train promising startups from Lyon at MassChallenge and make stronger connections between the two ecosystems through entrepreneurship," said Mike LaRhette, President of MassChallenge.

Boston and Lyon continue to celebrate and promote innovation across the two partnering cities. France is Massachusetts' X global trading partner.  Boston is home to a number of companies with locations also in Lyon includingDassault Systèmes, Sanofi-Genzyme, Veolia, Schneider Electric, Keolis, and  Institut Merieux.  Big Booster has forged a strong partnership across both cities, especially in support of the life science, digital, cleantech and energy, security and defense, and robotics, all key industries in Boston and Lyon.  To learn more about Big Booster, visit

The MassChallenge-Lyon 2016 Boot Camp Startup Participants are as follows:

Bio & Health 
Biosfer Teslab, a spin-off company that develops in vitro diagnostic tests providing the clinicians an innovative tool to better evaluate the cardiovascular risk.                

BreezoMeter's mission is to help cities to improve the health and quality of life of their citizens, by controlling air quality.                                

Cyleone provides its users the means to address actual environmental and climate related challenges with efficient and cost effective solutions thanks to CYManager and CYbox.                                

Bio & Health 
Artificial Pancreas service for Diabetes treatment. We will save lives, amputations, ocular and renal complications, and radically improve everyday life for the patients.

Global Impact 
ECHY is a French start-up company with a patented daylighting technology, which captures, transports and diffuses sunlight into buildings using fibre optic cables.

Innovative Tech 
Enovap is a revolutionary smart and connected e-cigarette that makes you quit smoking.              

Bio & Health 
InnaVirVax is a clinical stage company developing an immunotherapy that is going to change the paradigm of HIV therapy.                                

Innovative Tech
IZICREA develops an electronic device and an online platform to help couture lovers and designers of patterns simplify and quicken the use of models and generate interaction.                                

Bio & Health 
MaaT Pharma (for Microbiota as a Therapy) is proposing a new medical paradigm by developing a series of microbial drugs aiming at restoring the man-microbes symbiosis.                                

Bio & Health 
Advanced manufacturing of a unique ergonomic, verticalizing, hands-free and electric-propelled wheelchair with researched design for disabled and able-bodied persons.                                            

Bio & Health 
METAFORA biosystems is developing a breakthrough technology platform for the diagnostic of human diseases. METAdiag, the future in metabolism discovery.

Bio & Health 
Neolys Diagnostics develops a decision-making tool to radiation oncologists, allowing them to personalise the treatment: avoiding side effect; improving the efficacy.

Bio & Health 
Novadiscovery ambitions to develop a best-in-class drug discovery engine in the field of immuno-oncology based on a proprietary computational biology simulation platform.                                

Innovative Tech 
Smart & Blue company is developing connected solutions for smart management of water resources. Our first product is Hydrao the smart shower.  

Bio & Health 
Expanding Possibilities.                                

Innovative Tech 
Tilkee is a cloud based app that optimizes prospect follow-up by tracking business proposal and predicting sales.                                

Innovative Tech 
Our vision is to provide secure cyber solutions to everyday problems and challenges. We want to make every day better by making technology easy, relevant and available.                                

Innovative Tech
The world's first geo-driven smart thermostat that drives significant energy savings in real-time.