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City Council continues to push for '100% Renewable Energy'

This week, the Council adopted a resolution in support of the 100% Renewable Energy Act.

A resolution offered by Councilors Wu and O’Malley states that “too much of Massachusetts’ energy comes from fossil fuels that pollute our air and water and alter our climate.” It noted that, “Boston is already feeling the impacts of climate change, including coastal flooding due to rising sea levels, heat waves that are felt more acutely in urban neighborhoods, and more frequent and severe storms that disrupt essential services.”

This week, the Council adopted this resolution in support of the 100% Renewable Energy Act. The 100% Renewable Energy Act would empower Massachusetts with 100% renewable electricity by 2035 and 100% renewable energy for other sectors, including heating and transportation, by 2045, and ensure that all communities have a voice in the transition to renewable energy.

The City of Boston is already taking action to reduce its greenhouse emissions and increase the use of clean energy, including a Community Choice Energy program that may provide a higher percentage of renewable energy to residents and businesses, in addition to a requirement for new municipal buildings to be highly efficient new zero emissions buildings.

“The issues of climate justice are the issues that will define every other challenge that we are facing and how prepared we are to face them, how livable our world will be and how equitable the opportunities will be within that,” said Councilor Wu.

In supporting this house bill, the Council urges the State officials to pass the bill before the end of the 2019-2020 legislative session.

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