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City Council presented 'Health of Boston' briefing

May 15, 2018

City Council

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City Council

The annual report spans over 900 pages, and is full of detailed information and statistics.

Councilor Ayanna Pressley welcomed Chief of Human Services, Marty Martinez,  Executive Director of the Boston Public Health Commission, Monica Valdes Lupi and Director of Research and Evaluation, Dan Dooley, also from the health commission, to present “Health of Boston,” an annual report compiled by the commission updating Boston elected officials and community members of the status of health in our city.

The actual report spans over 900 pages,  and is full of detailed information and statistics. The goal this year was to make the information more accessible and visually appealing, so it features more maps, graphs and infographics like the ones below.

Health of Boston Briefing

Health of Boston Briefing

Topics like Health Equity, Access to Care, Maternal & Child Health, and Infectious Diseases are a few examples of what’s covered in the report. The annual Health of Boston report has been utilized by policy makers, academic institutions, healthcare institutions, and private citizens for over 20 years.

The full video of the briefing can be found here.

For more information, be sure to visit this link dedicated entirely to the report and the many others from previous years.