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COVID-19 posters available for small businesses

The Office of Economic Development’s Small Business Office is offering free personalized posters for businesses to display information on their window.

As we reopen Boston’s economy, we want to help bring visibility to your business. Following the instructions below to learn how you can print a COVID-19 poster for your business:

How to generate a poster

Remember to carefully enter the information for your business. That information includes your hours, contact information, whether you are open or delivering only, and more.

  1. Information: Enter the information for your business following the instructions on the site. You will be able to double-check it before going to the printer. Please be sure that your information is correct before sending it to print!*
  2. Design: Each poster will be automatically generated with a unique asterisk shape for each business. If you do not like the color scheme generated for you, select your own following instructions on the site.
  3. Print*: After filling out the information for your poster, press PRINT. Your design will be sent automatically to a local printer. 
  4. Download: You will be able to download this as a PDF and JPEG for you to use your poster for social media or your website!
  5. Delivery or pick up: Posters will be available for pick up or delivery. Please allow up to one week for production. We will contact you when your poster is ready for pick up or delivery. 
  6. Hang your poster and tag us on social media!

Print a poster for you business

*Only one poster will be generated per commercial business address. 

Example poster

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