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Give your input on Hubway sites

May 26, 2016

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Help us pick the final sites for 10 new Hubway stations in Roxbury and northern Dorchester

After two community workshops and consultations with key stakeholders in the neighborhoods, we have identified 13 possible general areas for the 10 new Hubway stations. These general locations are at most a 10-minute walk from each other or existing Hubway stations; proximity is one of the most important criteria to a successful bikeshare network. 

So why are there 13 general locations for just 10 stations? Well, we may have some challenges finding good spots that meet our stations' needs and don’t have any conflicting permits.

What makes a good site for Hubway? First, a Hubway station must be able to fit. A typical Hubway station measures 51 feet by 6 feet and has 19 bike docks. Stations can be placed in the street, on the sidewalk, or in a park plaza, subject to a few additional considerations:

  • Safety: Stations are placed to minimize conflicts with people walking, biking, and driving. 
  • Other Users: Stations can only be placed on the sidewalk when there is at least five feet of space for pedestrians, strollers, and people in wheelchairs.
  • Operations: Hubway stations are powered by the sun and need exposure to sunlight. Also technicians need to be able to access stations for maintenance and bike rebalancing.
  • Utilities: Stations cannot block utility access points like fire hydrants and manholes.

Based on these considerations, we identified 2-4 possible sites in each general location. If you visit any of these areas regularly, we invite you to share your thoughts about which alternative is best! On the map below, click on any of the purple pins marking our 13 general locations to get a link to a brief survey on the site alternatives for that location. (Green pins are existing stations.) A full list of survey links is also included at the end of this post.

Existing stations are blue. Potential stations are red.

View this map in a new window.

Community Open Houses

In early June, we will also be holding open houses for community members to drop in and give feedback on these site options. Hope to see you there!

Full list of surveys: