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Landmarks Commission online portal: now live!

In August 2021, the Boston Landmarks Commission introduced its new online portal, making it easier and faster for Bostonians to apply for work in historic districts or on individual landmarks throughout the City.

BLC Online Applications

During the the busy summer months, the Boston Landmarks Commission introduced its online portal intended to streamline the application process for all of the buildings within the purview of the BLC's 10 Commissions. Today, the portal is fully operational for the public, staff, and volunteer commissioners. In October, the Commission announced that application fees may now be paid online. Since then, new features have been introduced such as a public comment portal tool, and the ability to report violations, all at the stroke of a key!  Additionally, migrating all of Landmarks data online will significantly reduce the Commission's paper use, making the department more environmentally friendly. 

The platform has significantly reduced processing times for applications, allowing Landmarks staff to spend more time with constituents, among other critical department services. The platform allows users to;

  • Track multiple application statuses in each of our nine historic districts and individual landmarks commission.
  • Receive notifications about outstanding information, hearing notifications, and more.
  • The option to sign your documents and pay online.
  • Submit public comment related to a specific project OR review public comment related to your own projects.
  • Review governing documents.

On the staff and Commission side of the portal, the team can now;

  • Issue and track determination notices.
  • Track commissioner appointments.
  • Request additional information with the click of a button.
  • Reference project documents from anywhere in the city.
  • Write reports and charts on all data within the program.

All users are able to use the platform at a standard desk computer or using their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The program uses a platform called, Knack, which is a platformed designed to structure how different end-users consume data. Expect more features to be added in the future! 

Users can access the platform here or visit the Landmarks Commission page.

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