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'Quest Eternal' statue moving to Smith Playground in Allston

Anyone who remembers the original Prudential Center remembers the giant statue oftentimes referred to as the “Naked Guy.” You couldn’t miss it.

The statue, whose real name is “Quest Eternal,” occupied the Boylston Street side of the Prudential Center, depicting a large, nude male reaching to the heavens. The sculpture was moved in 2014 when the Pru began construction on a new entrance on Boylston Street.

Created by Donald DeLue, the Boston Art Commission describes “Quest Eternal” this way: "Twisted in a dramatic pose, this 27-foot tall male figure reaches toward the sky. The muscular nude brings to mind ancient Greek and Roman sculpture, as well as the work of Renaissance-era artists, who often looked to classical art to inspire their choice of subject matter and style. Here, the sculpture also fits in with the modern urban landscape and parallels the bold verticality of the neighboring Prudential Tower, completed three years before the sculpture’s installation."

During this week’s Council meeting, the Council voted to approve the acceptance of the donation of the sculpture from Boston Properties. It will be moved to Smith Playground in Allston as part of the park redesign.

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