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Robotics takes off at BCYF Menino

More than 50 people packed into a small community room for a Robotics Showcase this winter.

The BCYF Menino Community Center held a Robotics Showcase this winter. The goal was to give youth participating in their robotics program a chance to:

  • demonstrate their skills
  • feel good about their accomplishments, and
  • show how they persevered through challenges.

Image for bcyfmenino robotics

It was also an opportunity for their families and friends to get a better understanding of robotics and how the skills gained (imaginative thinking, problem solving, team-building) are of value to their children. More than 50 people packed into the small community room at the center to see what it's all about. Those who came were able to engage in hands-on, fun robotics activities. Sarah, age 12, said she, was "inspired" when she built the legs on the robot. Sarah told us, "that was awesome and fun." Angel, age 15, added “the robotics program is cool, even though I had some difficulties at first.” 

The program mostly uses FIRST Lego League robotics equipment and curriculum. This year’s theme was “Hydro Dynamics.” You can learn more about the Hydro Dynamics theme by watching this YouTube video. The robotics program is sponsored and mentored by two robotics teams, the Brainstormers and the Robot Revolution from Lexington, and their coaches Drs. Patricia and John Nguyen. BCYF Menino Robotics instructor, Donna Parker, the creative and hardworking force behind the program, is thankful to have the volunteers and credits them with helping get the program to the level it is at today.

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