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Statement of Mayor Walsh on President Barack Obama's Immigration Accountability Executive Action

November 20, 2014

Mayor's Office

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Mayor's Office

"I commend President Barack Obama on this Executive Order, and in Boston, we are fully prepared to carry out every directive from the White House to support Boston's immigrant community. Our City has been at the forefront of strong immigrant integration. Since the start of my Administration, we have: hosted a Citizenship Day, enabling nearly 200 new Americans to apply for citizenship; held a Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Day to assist students in pursuing their education goals; and launched an Immigrant Integration and Empowerment Initiative.

"As a son of immigrant parents, I am familiar with the vulnerabilities experienced by immigrant families. This means a lot to me, personally. I know that immigrant families simply want to be treated like members of our community, because that’s who they are.

"We are changing the paradigm through full integration and empowering immigrants and everyone to help make our communities stronger. Our Office of New Bostonians will continue to work with our community and government partners on how we might best serve our immigrant residents through the action taken by President Obama today."