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Last updated: 11/22/2016 - 10:30am

Verizon New England, Inc Hearing

Application for a new CATV License

Discussion Topics

  1. Verizon Initial Application

    On behalf of Issuing Authority, Mayor Martin J. Walsh, the City of Boston will
    hold a public hearing to assess the qualifications of the Applicant, VERIZON
    OF NEW ENGLAND, INC., to obtain a cable television license as described in
    207 CMR 3.03(a); to consider any and all other relevant factors allowed
    under law; and, to take any legal action(s) regarding this application as
    allowed under applicable law.
    Verizon's initial application (CAW Form 100), the Issuing Authority Report
    (IAR), and the Applicant's Amended Application and any other relevant
    documents are available for public review.