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Last updated: 02/06/2017 - 11:48am

Workforce Development Board of Directors Meeting

Reason for cancellation: The board meeting has been postponed due to the expected snowstorm.

Discussion Topics

  1. I. Welcome (5 minutes) Ken Montgomery

    Approval of October 13 minutes

  2. II. Workforce Development (25 minutes)

    WIOA Implementation                                                                                               Angela McCabe

    Comprehensive One-Stop Career Center Charters, FY 18-21                                   Wanda McClain   

    Committee recommendation: 

    To select Jewish Vocational Service and Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries as career center operators for FY 18-21 – and to request that PIC and OWD staff develop new four-year charters for each organization to be reviewed and approved at the PIC’s April 26 Board Meeting.

    WIOA Youth                                                                                                                                   Michael O’Neill


  3. III. Postsecondary (15 minutes)

    Updated BPS college completion data

    College enrollment status project, BPS class of 2011

    College and career readiness, linked learning, career pathways

  4. IV. Updates (15 minutes)

    Youth Employment Policy Forum, February 16

    PIC Job Shadow Day, March 10

    Opportunity Youth

                        Connection Center move

                        Aspen Institute Convening, May 22 - 26

  5. Executive Session
  6. V. Finance (20 minutes) Donna Cupelo

    FY 2016 Audit Report

    Committee recommendation:  To accept the PIC’s FY 2016 Audit Report

    FY 2017 budget and development update