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Committee on Licenses Flammable Storage and Garages Hearing

The City of Boston Inspectional Services Department Committee on Licenses Hearing regarding flammable storage and garages will hold a virtual meeting on November 30, 2022, at 10 a.m.

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Discussion Topics


    519 East Second Street                 

    34 vehicle parking garage 680 gallons of gas in the tanks of vehicles

    519 East 2nd street LLC

    Ad- Boston Herald

    321 Harrison Ave 259 Vehicles,  5,180 gallons of gas in the tanks of vehicles

    Aka 1000-1020 Washington  600 gallons of diesel fuel for two day tanks , 125 gallons  for the

    Ad Boston Herald 1000 Washington Street, 550 gallons of fuel oil with 60 gallon Day tank.

    Laboratory Flammables 2,772 gallons of of flammable liquids in the

    321 Harrison Ave building, distributed on the shared waste storage and  Tenant spaces from 4th floor to 11 th floor .

    265-285 Cambridge ST   864 vehicle parking garage – 17,280 gallons of gas in the tanks of  The General Hospital Corp.          vehicles parking in the garage and for the storage of fuel in tanks of up  Ad- Boston Herald 8 ambulances in ground level garage and 4 loading vehicles for hospital Use, 5-450 gallons day tanks totaling 2,250 gallons of roof level of new

     Of new structure and also for the storage of 3-33,400 gallons double  Wall fuel tanks totaling 100,200 gallons on the sub basement level of Structure.

    202 Maverick Street 18 vehicle parking garage 360 gallons of gas in the tanks of vehicles         

    Committee Members

    Captain Shawn Harrington, Boston Fire Department

    Ed Hesford, Boston Transportation

    Brian Ronan, Boston Inspectional Services Department

    Brigid Kenny-White, Secretary for the Committee,

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