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Last updated: 04/06/2017 - 8:51am

Board of appeal hearing

The board will hold a hearing on April 11, 2017 at 9:30 a.m.

The Boston Zoning Code has information on the Articles and definitions of terms in this agenda.

The public can offer testimony.

Discussion Topics


    March 28, 2017

  2. EXTENSION 9:30a.m.

    Case: BZC-33158, Address: 319-327 Chelsea Street , Ward 1  Applicant: Doyle Veccione


    Case: BOA-444956, Address: 240 Mount Vernon, Ward 13  Applicant: Bayside Club Hotel, LLC


    Case: BOA-448857, Address: 3531-3541 Washington Street, Ward 11  Applicant: Burnett Realty Co, Inc (by SSG JP Lot 3 LLC


    Case: BOA-448855, Address: 141 McBride Street, Ward 11  Applicant: Burnett Realty Co, Inc (by SSG JP Lot 3 LLC


    Case: BOA-448852, Address: 45 Burnett Street, Ward 11  Applicant: Burnett Realty Co, Inc (by SSG JP Lot 3 LLC

  3. GCOD: 9:30a.m.

    Case: BOA-684111, Address: 8 Byron Street , Ward  5 Applicant: Kimberly Toomey

    Article(s): 32(32-)

    Purpose: Scope of Interior Work – Minor layout changes throughout existing house (minor re-framing of interior walls), all new finishes, new windows in courtyard – no visible from public way, + doors, new kitchen + bath fixtures, new HVAC rooftop units not visible from public view; Scope of Exterior Work – New entry door @ level 01, new basement window @ level 02 – all approved by BLC, new skylights are not visible from public view + structural support in roof.


    Case: BOA-685704, Address: 401 Beacon Street , Ward 5  Applicant: Jonathan Parkes

    Article(s): 32(32-)

    Purpose: Change occupancy to 13 units to 6 units. Interior renovation per plans. Install new fire suppression. New elevator cab in existing shaft, existing egress stairs to remain. No exterior work under this permit application. Install new groundwater recharge in compliance with Article 32. Add parking garage excavating in basement from rear.


    Case: BOA-686731, Address: 461 Massachusetts Avenue , Ward  9  Applicant: 5517-Mass Avenue 461 Boston LLC

    Article(s): 32(32-4)

    Purpose: Excavate existing rear patio and install new drainage system, retaining walls, paving, exterior egress stair, exterior HVAC units, and acoustic fences. Renovate interior common areas and unit number 2. Other units renovated under short forms SF606033 (units 9, 12, A), SF631784 and (units 5, 6, B), and SF633612 (units 1, 10). Rear patio work previously under SF616128. Work as per plans.

  4. HEARINGS: 9:30 a.m

    Case: BOA-679814, Address: 456 Meridian Street, Ward 1   Applicant: 456 Meridian Street, LLC

    Article(s): 53(53-9) 53(53-56) 53(53-8) 53(53-52)

    Purpose: Confirm occupancy as a 2 family. Change occupancy from a 2 unit residential dwelling to a 3 unit residential dwelling and renovate and extend living space.


    Case: BOA-684653, Address: 39 Lexington Street, Ward 1  Applicant: Tom Falcucci

    Article(s): 53(53-8) 53(53-9) 53(53-56)

    Purpose: seeking to combine the following lots: Parcel ID(s) 0102548000, 0102547000, 0102546000, 0102545000 and 0102544000 and erect a 4-story residential building with nine units and nine parking spaces.


    Case: BOA-678429, Address: 59 White Street , Ward 1  Applicant: David Lammers

    Article(s): 53(53-9) 53(53-52)

    Purpose: Confirm occupancy as a two family dwelling for this is an existing condition for many years and complete interior renovation 2nd and 3rd floor. Update Kitchen and bathrooms. Add 10x12 addition above existing footprint.


    Case: BOA-681217, Address: 130 Coleridge Street , Ward 1  Applicant: Coleridge One Twenty Eight, LLC

    Article(s): 25(25-5) 53(53-9) 53(53-56) 53(53-8)

    Purpose: Combine lots – (See ALT668272) and erect 8 unit residential dwelling.


    Case: BOA-674127, Address: 17 Walker Street , Ward 2  Applicant: Andre Matias

    Article(s): 62(62-8)

    Purpose: Refinish existing space in the basement with a full bath and play room with alteration to the back egress.


    Case: BOA-679700, Address: 47 Chestnut Street, Ward  2 Applicant: Paul Grant

    Article(s): 62(62-8)

    Purpose: Confirm as an existing 2 family dwelling. Renovate existing 2 family and extend living space into the basement.


    Case: BOA-638075, Address: 19 Greenwich Park , Ward 4  Applicant: David Kiley

    Article(s): 64(64-34)

     Purpose: Construct of new steel I beam wood and composite deck on rooftop.


    Case: BOA-659943, Address: 7 West Cedar Street , Ward 5   Applicant: Richard Cantelli

    Article(s): 13(13-13-1)

     Purpose: Relocate existing basement bathroom to new proposed location, install new sauna and remove existing 1st floor washer/dryer as per the proposed mudroom layout. Amending ALT598426.


    Case: BOA-668767, Address: 34hf  Beacon Street , Ward 5  Applicant: Green Monster, LLC

    Article(s): 15(15-1) 16(16-1) 27D(27D-5) 16(16-8)

    Purpose: Renovation and addition to the ninth floor headhouse at 34.5 Beacon Street, Unit *S, and associated Landscape and roof deck renovations. This application is for the purposes of a zoning review only, as the entire building is a pre-existing, nonconforming use pursuant to M.G.L.c. 40A section 6.


    Case: BOA-676127, Address: 306 Northern Avenue , Ward  6 Applicant: Harpoon Brewery By Doug McNair

    Article(s): 42A(42A-18)

    Purpose: Use of outside paved area for Friday and weekend Beer Garden Space. This will be a weather dependent, uncovered space with picnic tables. No structural changes involved. No tents.


    Case: BOA-671509, Address: 420 West Broadway , Ward  6 Applicant: West Broadway Theatre LLC

    Article(s): 68(68-8) 68(68-33)

    Purpose: Demolish main portion of existing structure and construct new mixed-use building of approximately 44,000 GSF, including approximately 1,350 GSF of ground level local retail space in the restored existing 2-story building section on West Broadway and a new 6-story building section at rear, with 42 residential units and 42 underground/structured parking spaces, front roof deck, side and rear balcony open spaces.


    Case: BOA-686328, Address: 131hf  West Third Street, Ward 6  Applicant: George Morancy

    Article(s): 57(57-8) 57(57-9) 57(57-26)

     Purpose: Change occupancy from a single to a 2 family dwelling. 1 story vertical addition to existing house and a 3 story rear addition as per plans. Construction set to be submitted upon ZBA approval.


    Case: BOA-668824, Address: 12 Loring Street, Ward 6  Applicant: William Regan

    Article(s): 13(13-13-1)

     Purpose: Confirm occupancy as a three family. Complete gut rebab including a sprinkler system, excavate and extend living space to basement, build new rear addition, rear decks and roof decks, windows and siding as per plan.

  5. HEARINGS: 10:30 a.m.

    Case: BOA-660623, Address: 888-892 Tremont Street , Ward 9  Applicant: Eight 88 Tremont Street LLC

    Article(s): 86(76-6)

    Purpose: change of occupancy to include Wireless Communication. As more fully shown on the plans submitted herewith, the facility would consist principally of the following elements: 1. Three (3) sets of two (2) antennas, each set concealed within a 42” stealth fiberglass canister and mounted to a 10’x10’ ballast frame on the building’s roof at a centerline elevation of 41.0’+ above ground level; 2. Three sets of three (3) RRHs and one junction box, each set mounted to a ballast frame, immediately adjacent to one of the sets of concealed antennas, on the building’s roof; 3. Hybrid cables running from each set of the antennas, across the roof in cable trays on sleepers, to a vertical cable tray mounted to and painted to match the eastern façade of the building, then down into a 13’9”+x11’4”+ equipment room in the building’s basement; and 4. Two (2) roof-mounted condenser units, with condensing lines running on sleepers from the condenser units to the stealth vertical cable tray mounted to the eastern facade of the building, then down into the basement equipment room.


    Case: BOA-656461, Address: 373 South Huntington Avenue, Ward 10  Applicant: Rafael Lopez

    Article(s): 9(9-9-1) 55(55-9)

    Purpose: Remove current deck and build double deck on 1st and 2nd floor with stairs from first floor to ground.


    Case: BOA-666186, Address: 34 Circuit Street, Ward 12  Applicant: Baracus LLC

    Article(s): 50(50-28) 50(50-29)

    Purpose: Add a dwelling unit on ground level to change occupancy from a 3 family to a 4 family and renovate as per plans. Construction set to be submitted upon ZBA approval.


    Case: BOA-654896, Address: 11 Ruthven Street , Ward 12  Applicant: Harold Raymond

    Article(s): 50(50-29) 50(50-44)

    Purpose: Erect two (2) – three family residential dwelling units with seven (7) off-street parking on a vacant lot. (The other three-family residential units plan filed under ERT631196)


    Case: BOA-687124, Address: 13 Ruthven Street , Ward  12 Applicant: Harold Raymond

    Article(s): 50(50-29) 50(50-44)

    Purpose: Erect two (2) – three family residential dwelling units with seven (7) off-street parking on a vacant lot. (The other three family residential units filed under ERT631175.


    Case: BOA-684062, Address: 63 Perrin Street , Ward 12  Applicant: Patrick Hoban

    Article(s): 50(50-37) 50(50-43) 50(50-26) 50(50-29) 50(50-1) 50(50-38)

    Purpose: Erect 28 Residential units as per plans.


    Case: BOA-655851, Address: 63 Perrin Street , Ward 12  Applicant: Patrick Hoban

    Article(s): 8(8-4)

    Purpose: Combine lot 0200310000 10,065 sf of Copeland Street and 12003540000 17,360 sf of 63 Perrin Street to be 27,425 sf. New lot is to be known as 63 Perrin Street to construct ERT615700 (28 residential units).


    Case: BOA-657089, Address: 157-157A Howard Avenue, Ward 13  Applicant: Mai Phung

    Article(s): 50(50-44.2) 50(50-29)

    Purpose: Erect a three-family dwelling with roof deck, exterior rear deck, front balcony, and three off-street parking on existing vacant land.


    Case: BOA-679132, Address: 23 Dix Street , Ward 16  Applicant: Timothy Johnson

    Article(s): 65(65-8) 65(65-9) 65(65-41)

    Purpose: Change occupancy from 3-family to 5-family building. Enlarge attic to full third floor w/roof deck & head house. Expand living area into basement. New electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and Sprinkler/Fire alarm systems, and 10 Off-street parking spaces as per plans submitted.


    Case: BOA682895-, Address: 281-289 Adams Street, Ward 16  Applicant: Michael Welsh

    Article(s): 65(65-8)

    Purpose: Change use of occupancy from 22 Apts, 4 Retail Spaces and 2 restaurants. No work to be done.



    Case: BOA-613890, Address: 1173 Adams Street, Ward 17  Applicant: Denis Keohane

    Article(s): 65(65-8) 65(65-9) 65(65-42.2) 65(65-41)

    Purpose: Erect a new four-story multi-family residential dwelling with nine (9) units and three (13) off-street parking.


    Case: BOA642718-, Address: 14-16 Upland Avenue, Ward 17  Applicant: Eben Kunz

    Article(s): 65(65-9)

     Purpose: Improve apartment 2 of existing 2 Family Home by enlarging 3 of the existing 4 dormers and adding a deck.


    Case: BOA-683173, Address: 74 Bradlee Street, Ward 18  Applicant: Sean Smith

    Article(s): 65(65-9)

    Purpose: Construct single family home as per plans.


    Case: BOA-678565, Address: 875 Morton Street, Ward 18  Applicant: Stephan Champagne

    Article(s): 8(8-7)

    Purpose: Using space for van/truck rental.


    Case: BOA-656407, Address: 129 Providence Street, Ward 18  Applicant: Russell Forsberg

    Article(s): 69(69-15) 69(69-14)

     Purpose: Change occupancy to include contractor garage with outdoor parking and storage of trucks and equipment, storage and processing of gravel by machinery. Build 1 addition on each side of the existing building as per plan.


    Case: BOA-657398, Address: 12 Hubbard Street , Ward  19 Applicant: Edward Honeycutt

    Article(s): 55(55-9) 55(55-8)

    Purpose: Extend living space to basement to create new dwelling unit. Two-family dwelling will remain the same. Work to include new egress in basement, add partition walls and bathroom and kitchenette.


    Case: BOA-658690, Address: 192 Belgrade Avenue, Ward 20   Applicant: John De Angelis

    Article(s): 67(67-56) 67(67-9)

    Purpose: Change occupancy from commercial to residential. Conversion of 1 freestanding 1-story building on the same lot is a residential 2-family known as 3 Newburg Street (alteration permit being pulled for the 2-family as well). The project involves the rehabbing of 192 Belgrade Ave. Existing building zoning analyses on ALT650563.


    Case: BOA-658688, Address: 3 Newburg Street, Ward 20  Applicant: John De Angelis

    Article(s): 67(67-56)

    Purpose: No construction work or alterations of any kind to be performed in the 2-family at 3 Newburg Street, Zoning analysis only. Conversion of occupancy of ALT650550.


    Case: BOA-664838, Address: 182 Cottage Road, Ward 20  Applicant: Danielle Collin

    Article(s): 56(56-8)

    Purpose: Expand existing structure with additional living space.


    Case: BOA-685504, Address: 900 Beacon Street , Ward 21  Applicant: Daniel Brennan

    Article(s): 61(61-10)

    Purpose: Change of occupancy to include restaurant with outdoor seating on first floor.


    Case: BOA-#681023, Address: 446-450 Cambridge Street, Ward 21  Applicant: Joseph Consalvo

    Purpose: Proposed Alternative Design for Mezzanine Level 8th 780CMR Chapter 5 Building Height & Area 505.2 Area Limitation. The aggregate area of a mezzanine or mezzanines with a room shall not exceed one-third of the floor area of that room or space in which they are located. The enclosed portion of a room shall not be included in determination of the floor area of the room in which the mezzanine is located. In determining the allowable mezzanine area, the area of the mezzanine shall not be included in the floor area of the room.


    Case: BOA-672867, Address: 549 Washington Street , Ward 22  Applicant: Joseph Keegan

    Article(s): 51(51-16) 51(51-17) 51(51-56)

    Purpose: Erect new building for 5 Residential Units and one retail space demolish existing building as per drawings.


    Case: BOA-685756, Address: 37 Oak Square Avenue, Ward 22  Applicant: Judy Yeung

    Article(s): 51(51-9) 51(51-56) 10(10-1)

    Purpose: Change occupancy from one family residential building to two family residential building. Permit for filing with Zoning Board of Appeal. Construction work under separate permit.


    Case: BOA-667458, Address: 38 Shepard Street , Ward 22  Applicant: Patrick Mahoney, Esq

    Article(s): 51(51-8) 51(51-9)

    Purpose: Change of use from two family to three family, add three parking spaces. Add new third story and rear addition. As per plans.


  6. RE-DISCUSSION: 11:30a.m.

    Case: BOA-578669, Address: 34-42 Warren Street, Ward: 2, Applicant: Nova Partners LLC

    Article(s): 62(62-41) 62(62-25) 62(62-29)

    Purpose: Change Occupancy from a Garage, Storage of Construction equipment, and Indoor Sale and Display of Used Motor Vehicles to a Garage, Retail Store, and Offices.  Construct a new 1-story addition onto the Roof of the existing Building.  Convert part of the first floor Garage space into Retail space. Upgrade Lifesafety systems throughout existing Garage and new Offices.  Renovations to Building to include :  installation of a new Wheelchair Accessible entrance, new Elevator,  Structural work to add a new Floor system, upgrades to existing MEPs, Fire Alarm & Sprinkler systems.


    Case: BOA-605455, Address: 734-742 Dudley Street Ward: 7, Applicant: Vargas Dasilveira

    Article(s): 65(65-16) 65(65-41) 65(65-16)

    Purpose: Raze existing structures on lot and erect new 5 stories 20 units and 3 stores with 36A take out.


    Case: BOA-613478, Address: 820 William T Morrissey BLVD, Ward: 16, Applicant: Outfront Media, LLC

    Article(s): 65(65-40) 11(11-7)

    Purpose: Replace both sides/faces of existing 48' wide by 14' high billboard, one side currently Static and the other side Tri-Vision, with new digital signage cabinets. Replace existing steel structure in kind. Change occupancy to include billboard See L/F 0876/2004.


    Case: BOA-629541 Address: 85 Linden Street,  Ward: 21, Applicant: James Christopher

    Article(s): 51(51-9)

    Purpose: Construct a new 3 story addition to the Rear of an existing Single Family Dwelling. Create three new Parking spaces at-grade and under the addition. To change Occupancy from a Single Family Dwelling to a Two (2) Family Dwelling.


    Case: BOA-675914, Address: 624 Cambridge Street Ward: 21 , Applicant: Patrick Mahoney

    Article(s): 10(10-1) 51(51-9)

    Purpose: Change single family to a two family and add parking.


    Case: BOA-539624, Address: 61 Braintree Street, Ward: 22, Applicant: Sixty-One-83 Braintree Street

    Article(s): 9(9-1) 51(51-55) 11(11-7) 51(51-20)

    Purpose: Convert existing 14 x 48 two sided static billboard to a 14 x 48 two sided digital billboard.

  7. BOARD FINAL ARBITER 11:30a.m.

    Case: BZC-32012, Address:3 Brigham Street , Ward 1  Applicant:  Patricia McSherry