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Last updated: 04/20/2017 - 11:17am

South End Landmark District Commission Hearing

The Commission will hold its monthly public hearing on Tuesday, May 2, 2017.

(Use Congress Street as an entrance and exit at City Hall after 5:30 p.m.)

The public can offer testimony.

Discussion Topics


    17.1063 SE 166 West Brookline Street
    Applicant: Guy Grassi - Architect
    Proposed Work: Install new plantings in front garden, new recessed intercom, brass kick, mail slot, door hardware and surface mounted garden level intercom. Patch existing rubber roof. Replace security grilles at garden level and existing understoop door and sconce. (other items to admin)

    17.1102 SE 31 Milford Street
    Applicant: Amit & Gitika Desai - Owners
    Replace stoop railing in kind and replace stoop without newel posts. Slightly lower garden level grade and replace basement windows with 6" taller windows. Replace garden curb with simplified profile, and install a garden fence that matches the stoop railing. Increase width of garden level stairs. Increase opening size for under stoop entrance. Repair or replace existing garden planter in kind.

    17.971 SE 40 Berkeley Street (continuation)
    Applicant: Erika DeRoche – Architect
    Proposed Work: Additional review of new entry vestibule to building (other work already approved).

    17.1071 SE 1511 Washington Street
    Applicant: Jamie Golden – Lessee
    Proposed Work: Install channel lit signage on the sign band, replace current single pane storefront windows in kind. Install window decals. Install a new wood and glass front door.

    17.1073 SE 74-76 Union Park Street
    Applicant: Paul Chisholm – Chairman
    Proposed Work: Replace stained glass windows with clear glass aluminum sash, repair precast concrete tracery, Replace two PVC rain leader assemblies with copper downspouts, conductor heads and scuppers. Construct new rear canopy with concrete steps, metal railing, entry doors, entry canopy roof with vertical flashing to connections to building and a canopy support mast and cabling.

    17.1070 SE 660 Harrison Avenue, 75 & 123 East Dedham Street, 100 East Canton Street, and 575Albany Street
    Applicant: William Gause – Developer
    Redevelop an underutilized block into a mixed-use collection of buildings. Some structures will remain and be augmented and others will be demolished and replaced.


    17.1059 SE 1-5, 7-9,4-22 Aguidilla Street, 1-13, 4-10, 12-30, 15-19 San Juan Street, 389-391 Shawmut Avenue 91-99, 111 West Brookline Street, 50-58 West Dedham Street: Replace and repair damaged masonry at front entry stairs in kind. Replace flush metal doors under stairs in kind, replace asphalt shingles in kind. Replace wooden roof trim in kind. Selective masonry repair and repointing in kind, replacement of damaged stucco in kind and selective painting in kind.
    17.1053 SE 5 Appleton Street: Replace 3 2/2 aluminum windows with 3 2/2 aluminum clad windows.
    17.1069 SE 68 Appleton Street: Replace 2 2/2 wood windows in kind.
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    17.1103 SE 9 Bradford Street: Replace 9 2/2 aluminum windows with 9 2/2 aluminum clad windows.
    17.1075 SE 80 Chandler Street: Replace 17 2/2 clad windows with 17 2/2 wood windows.
    17.1019 SE 499 Columbus Avenue: Replace roof deck in kind (emergency repair).
    17.1099 SE 41 East Concord Street: Replace 3 wood 1/1 windows and replace/repair deteriorated brick mold (reapplication for expired approval #16.630 SE).
    17.1064 SE 57 East Springfield Street: Replace or repair brownstone window sills in kind. Repoint rear elevation (emergency repair).
    17.1066 SE 552 Columbus Avenue: Replace 4 vinyl windows with 4 2/2 aluminum clad windows.
    17.1068 SE 492 Massachusetts Avenue: Replace 2 1/1 bowed wood windows with bowed glass in kind. Replace 1 1/1 wood window in kind.
    17.1062 SE 552 Massachusetts Avenue: Rebuild front stoop treads and risers in kind.
    17.1101 SE 617 Massachusetts Avenue: Replace copper gutter in kind. Replace asphalt shingles on dormer with imitation slate, install new rubber roof with in kind copper edging.
    17.1044 SE 617 Massachusetts Avenue: Demolish existing chimney due to falling bricks. A later application will ask for reconstruction in kind (emergency repair).
    17.1067 SE 32 Milford Street: Replace 3 2/2 wood windows in kind.
    15.1060 SE 567 Tremont Street: Replace one of six existing antennas in each of three sectors in kind, install six remote radio heads, two ballast frames and replace 3 surge arrestors. No significant change to the view from any public way.
    17.1061 SE 83 West Brookline Street: Repoint, replace gutters in kind, replace roof and flashing in kind, repair window trim and repaint, seal front granite steps, seal bottom of building and restore and seal all fire escapes.
    17.1063 SE 166 West Brookline Street: Remove vent in stoop and current doorbell and patch openings. Repair and repaint front stoop, garden curb and railings, wood cornice, sills and lintels, fire balconies, and front doors and transom frames in kind. Remove portion of front fire balconies on 2nd and 3rd floors and patch remaining masonry holes. Replace some straight and some curved sash with wood curved 2/2 sash. (other items to hearing)
    17.1100 SE 100 West Dedham: Repair exterior masonry cracks, clean and repoint all facades, replace damaged lintels in kind.
    17.1000 SE 85 West Newton Street: Remove five small areas of brick for water damage exploration. Replace in kind (emergency repair).
    17.1057 SE 142 West Newton Street: Replace soffit and fascia, copper gutter downspout and flashing, broken slate shingles, and rubber roof in kind. Repoint and reflash existing chimney.
    17.1058 SE 81 Worcester Street: Replace two 2/2 wood windows in kind.