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Back Bay Architectural Commission hearing

The commission will hold its monthly public hearing on Wednesday, August 9, 2017.

(Use Congress Street as an entrance and exit after 5:30pm)

Public testimony begins at

Discussion Topics

  1. Design Review

    18.079 BB 328 Newbury Street: At front façade install a terraced patio/entry, designate locations for future signage and exterior lighting.

    18.084 BB 275 Newbury Street: At rear elevation expand fourth story, and replace an existing first story window and door with a garage door.

    18.083 BB 276-278 Newbury Street: Clean and repair all exterior masonry and clean and repair slate roof; reconfigure window openings at fourth and fifth stories; at front façade create new dig-out areas and lower retail space, expand first story windows, and replace entry door to 278 Newbury Street; at roof relocate elevator headhouse, and install HVAC equipment; and at rear elevation construct two story addition, convert two second story windows into doors, and add new accessible ground-level entry door.

    17.1433 BB 35 Commonwealth Avenue: At roof construct penthouse addition, roof deck and elevator override (continued from 7-11-2017 Public Hearing).

    17.741 BB 75 Marlborough Street: At rear elevation install a ductless outdoor heat pump unit at ground level.

    18.068 BB 202 Commonwealth Avenue: At rear elevation install direct vent for fireplace.

    17.1217 BB 353 Beacon Street: At front façade re-landscape front garden, re-paint fence and railings, repair steps and curbing, replace lighting at entry, re-paint entry door and trim, and install brass door hardware; and at rear elevation remove three trees at 351 Beacon Street, replace damaged wall with new brick wall with bluestone cap, rebuild staircase with new iron railings, install fence, gate and trash enclosure, install planting area with a Japanese snowbell tree, pave parking court with brick pavers and cobblestone edging, replace lower courtyard with brick pavers and bluestone landing, and add garden amenities and lighting.

  2. Administrative Review/Approval

    17.1506 BB 251 Beacon Street: At roof replace deteriorated decking at existing roof deck.

    17.1498 BB 282 Beacon Street: At front façade replace two eight-over-eight and two six-over-six second story wood sash in-kind; at side elevation replace four eight-over-eight second story wood sash in-kind; and at rear elevation replace five six-over-six second story wood sash in-kind.

    18.072 BB 285 Beacon Street: At front façade replace two metal sliding doors at fifth story with aluminum clad doors.

    18.080 BB 399 Boylston Street: At rear elevation install HVAC condensing equipment at ground.

    18.081 BB 565 Boylston Street: At first story of front façade replace existing signage, sconce lighting, and address numbers; replace copper flashing cap at bay with black metal flashing cap; remove exterior string lighting and canopy; replace storefront glass; replace bi-fold window at bay with a pair of doors; and paint restaurant storefront black and church storefront a light neutral color.

    17.1518 BB 120 Commonwealth Avenue: At front façade, re-paint wood trim at mansard, window trim, and metal entry doors to match existing colors; strip and refinish woodwork around entry door, and re-paint front steps.

    18.029 BB 178 Commonwealth Avenue: Replace existing rubber membrane roof in-kind.

    18.052 BB 280 Commonwealth Avenue: At roof install standing-seam copper cladding to penthouse, replace rubber membrane roof in-kind, and replace decking on existng balcony.

    17.1513 BB 283 Commonwealth Avenue: Expand scope of previously approved front façade  masonry repairs approved 10-13-2016 (Application 17.364 BB) to re-coat entire front with masonry cement and latex adhesive.

    18.070 BB 288 Commonwealth Avenue: At front façade replace two twelve-over-twelve wood first story windows in-kind, one sixteen-over-sixteen wood first story window in-kind, and twelve thirteen-over-one border-lite wood second, third and fourth story windows in-kind; and at rear elevation replace four nine-over-nine wood first story windows in-kind, and twelve two-over-two wood second, third and fourth story windows in-kind.

    18.076 BB 311 Commonwealth Avenue: At front façade replace seven one-over-one wood fifth story windows in-kind; and at side elevation replace ten one-over-one wood fifth story windows in-kind.

    18.036 BB 380 Commonwealth Avenue: At rear elevation, install fifteen black aluminum Harvey Tru-Channel storm windows at fourth and fifth stories.

    18.071 BB 29 Fairfield Street: At roof install copper gutters, valleys and window pans.

    17.1482 BB 10 Gloucester Street: At front façade and rear elevation clean masonry, re-point masonry with mortar matching the color, texture and tooling of the existing mortar, and repair lintels and sills with a cementitious stucco tinted to match the color of the existing stone.

    18.082 BB 10 Gloucester Street: At front façade remove wall sconce and install new pendant light fixture at entry, refinish entry doors and install new brass hardware, and restore entry stoop.

    18.078 BB 124 Marlborough Street: At front façade install a two-panel wood door at basement entry.

    17.1136 BB 257 Marlborough Street: At front façade replace three first story and four second story non-historic six-over-six wood windows with one-over-one wood windows; and at rear elevation replace four one-over-one wood third story windows in-kind, one two-over-two wood third story window in-kind, and two two-over-two wood fourth story windows in-kind.

    18.089 BB 299 Marlborough Street: At rear elevation replace existing four-foot tall wood fence with a six-foot tall wood fence.

    18.090 BB 405 Marlborough Street: At rear elevation replace five one-over-one vinyl basement windows with one-over-one wood windows.

    18.030 BB 157-159 Newbury Street: At east sidewall, demolish existing chimney, install new brick veneer wall with copper cap, and clean garden wall.

    18.0973 BB 164 Newbury Street: Replace signage above first story bay windows.

  3. Ratification of 7/12/2017 Public Hearing Minutes
  4. Annual Meeting

    Election of Officers and Appointment of Violations Committee

  5. Staff Updates
  6. Projected Adjourment: 8:00pm