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Last updated: 08/02/2017 - 4:53pm

Boston Redevelopment Authority d/b/a Boston Planning & Development Agency

Public Board Meeting
Public testimony begins at 5:30pm

Discussion Topics


    1. Request authorization for the approval of the Minutes of July 13, 2017 Meeting.

    2. Request authorization to schedule a Public Hearing on September 14, 2017 at 5:30 p.m.; or at a date and time to be determined by the Director, to consider the Development Plan for Planned Development Area No. 113 – 159-201 Washington Street in Brighton.


    3. Board of Appeal

    4. Request authorization to adopt the Imagine Boston 2030 Plan as the long term citywide plan for Boston, which will guide the growth, development and investment in Boston over the coming decades.



    5. Request authorization to enter into an amended License Agreement with the Courageous Sailing Center to allow the use a portion of Pier 4 in the Charlestown Navy Yard for a youth sailing program.

    6. Request authorization to enter into a License Agreement with the Bunker Hill Community College to allow use Parcel P-15B-1 for student parking.


    7. Request authorization to extend the Tentative Designation of P-3 Partners, LLC as Redeveloper of a portion of Parcel P-3 and a portion of Parcel P3-h in the Campus High School Urban Renewal Area.

    8. Request authorization to extend the Tentative Designation of Madison Tropical LLC as Redeveloper of a portion of Parcel 10 of the Southwest Corridor Development Plan, known as Parcel B; and, to execute an amended License Agreement for continued use of parking and construction staging.



    9. Request authorization to issue a Certification of Approval in accordance with Article 80E, Small Project Review of the Zoning Code for the construction of a residential building consisting of 9 condominium units, 13 parking spaces and bicycle storage and a 10,574 square feet of commercial retail building located at 110 Savin Hill Avenue; to recommend approval to the Board of Appeal for the necessary zoning relief; and, to take all related actions.

    South Boston

    10. Request authorization to approve the change for the 340 West Second Street Project from 29 residential rental units to 29 residential ownership units, with 4 IDP units; to enter into an Affordable Housing Agreement; and, to take all related actions.

    Government Center

    11. Request authorization to issue a Determination waiving further review pursuant to Section 80A-6 of the Zoning Code approving the Notice of Project Change for Phase 1 “WP-B1” of the Government Center Garage Project to decrease the 486 units to 423 units by converting 118 rental units to 55 condominium units, with 63 IDP rental units and replace the 1,300 square feet of ground floor retail space to an entrance and condominium lobby; to enter into an Amended and Restated Affordable Housing Agreement; and, to take all related actions.

    East Boston

    12. REMOVED


    Washington Park

    13. Request authorization to issue Certificates of Completion for the landscaped open space on Parcel P1-B3 located at 39A Dale Street. 


    14. 5:30 p.m.:  Request authorization to waive further review of the Institutional Master Plan Notification Form for the First Amendment to the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences University Institutional Master Plan and 704 Huntington Avenue and approve the IMPNF for First Amendment and the University Master Plan together as the amended MCPHS University Institutional Master Plan pursuant to Section 80D-9.2 of the Zoning Code; to issue an Adequacy Determination approving the said First Amendment for the addition to 704 Huntington Avenue to the Bryant House; to petition the Zoning Commission to consider the map amendment associated with the IMPNF for First IMP Amendment; and, to take all related actions.

    15. 5:40 p.m.:  Request authorization to approve adopt a minor modification resolution to the West End Land Assembly and Redevelopment Plan, Project No. UR Mass. 2 – 3, affecting Area F of Parcel 2-1E-1F;  to approve the First Amendment to the Amended and Restated Development Plan for Planned Development Area No. 7, Area F and Area 2A, 50 Staniford Street, pursuant to Section 80C of the Code; to approve the construction of commercial, office, accessory retail, restaurant with take-out, pedestrian and vehicular access improvements located at 50 Staniford Street; to petition  the Zoning Commission for approval of the First Amendment, pursuant to Sections 3-1A.a, 80C-4, 80C-5, 80C-6 and 80C-7 of the Code; and, to take all related actions.


    16. Informational Update regarding the Inclusionary Development Policy 

    17. Request authorization to amend the Inclusionary Development Policy to ensure that IDP Units include units that are accessible to those with certain disabilities; and, to create a pilot “Neighborhood Diversity Preservation Preference” policy with respect to the marketing of IDP Units.

    18. Request authorization to disburse $400,000 to twelve non-profit organizations in the Roxbury neighborhood, funding provide from the Parcel 9 Hotel Project; and, to enter into twelve Grant Agreements.

    19. Contractual

    20. Personnel

    21. Director’s Update