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Boston School Committee

The City of Boston has a variety of boards and commissions. Each work with internal departments and the public to serve the City.

The Boston School Committee is the governing body of the Boston Public Schools. The committee:

  • defines the vision, mission, and goals of the Boston Public Schools
  • establishes and monitors the annual operating budget
  • hires, manages, and evaluates the Superintendent, and
  • sets and reviews district policies and practices to support student achievement. 

Applications for the Boston School Committee go through the School Committee Nominating Panel.

Committee information

Current members

Member Appointed Expires Status
Michael O'Neill 1/4/2021 1/6/2025 Active
Jeri Robinson 1/4/2023 1/5/2027 Active
Quoc Tran 1/4/2022 1/5/2027 Active
Rafaela Polanco Garcia 11/30/2021 1/1/2024 Active
Stephen Alkins 1/11/2022 1/1/2026 Active
Brandon Cardet-Hernandez 1/25/2022 1/5/2026 Active
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