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Project Name

Olmsted Green Homeownership II

Project Parcels


Harvard ST

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Units Total
Income-Restricted Units
Property Size
21,588 sq/ft


Lena New Boston, LLC

Project Goals

Olmsted Green Homeownership II is a new construction, homeownership project with 80 total units, of which 36 units (45%) will be restricted at either 80% of 100% of AMI, with an additional 27 units restricted at 120% of AMI and 17 unrestricted units. The project is 20 buildings total and also includes three private streets. This project represents an additional phase of the master redevelopment of the former Boston State Hospital site that Lena New Boston has led, and to which the City of Boston has contributed significant subsidy support. The original application for City funds had a request for $2.5 million in City funds (on top of$750,000 in NHT funds), but owing to over $7.8 million in project cost increases since then, the development team is now requesting $5.1 million in City funds as well as the original NHT award. In addition to tapping MOH and NHT subsidy funds, the project is also relying on a significant level of(also increased) subsidy ($7,700,000, or $122,222 per affordable unit) from Commonwealth Builder.


Winter 2021

Funding awarded

Mayor’s Office of Housing approved funding for this project.
Winter 2021

City Planning

This project is going through a zoning review with the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA). Then we’ll work with the Developer on funding, design, and compliance.

Spring 2023

Under Construction

Construction is underway. For further information on road closures and parking impact, contact the Project Manager.

Project Complete

Predicted Date: Summer 2024
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