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Last updated: 9/7/16

Stonybrook Community Meeting

Join the Boston Transportation Department project team to learn about the proposed transportation safety project for the Stonybrook neighborhood and give us your feedback.

Our proposed designs include visual and physical cues to slow drivers to 20 MPH—making each street feel safer and more comfortable for people who live, walk, bike, or play in the neighborhood. Our plans include:

  • Signs to alert people that they are entering a Neighborhood Slow Streets area with a speed limit of 20 mph and ahead of any traffic calming devices. Pavement markings to help organize the streets and indicate traffic calming devices.
  • Speed humps to self-enforce driver speeds on each route through the neighborhood. Speed humps are typically 4” at their highest point and 12 to 14 feet long. People in cars and on bikes can comfortably travel over them at safe speeds, and they do not impact parking or drainage.
  • Daylighting and curb extensions to enforce no-parking restrictions and improve visibility of crosswalks and other drivers at intersections.
  • Raised crosswalks to help emphasize pedestrians crossing the street. More details will be provided at the meeting and online after the meeting.