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Zero Waste Pop-Up Drop-off

Bring your yard waste, e-waste, paint and motor oil, and household chemicals! Visit our Zero Waste Day page to learn about other drop-off events. 

April 13, 2024
2024-04-13T08:30:00 - 2024-04-13T12:00:00

We only take waste from Boston residents. You need to show a photo ID, utility bill, or lease as proof of residency. We reserve the right to refuse material.

what you need to know:
  • Yard Waste:
    • Common yard waste material includes leaves and grass clippings, branches, and yard brush.
    • Place leaves and yard debris in large paper bags. Do not use plastic bags.  
    • Tie branches with string. The maximum size for branches is three feet with a one-inch diameter.
  • Oil Based Paint, Motor Oil, Gasoline
    • We don’t take paint, motor oil, or gasoline from businesses.
    • We won’t take paints, stains, varnishes, and thinners that aren’t in their original containers.
    • Containers need to have labels that we can read.
    • 20 gallon limit on paint, motor oil, and gasoline. Containers must not exceed 5 gallons.
    • Please note: Latex (water based) paint can be dried out and thrown away in the regular trash. 
  • Household Chemicals
    • All chemicals must be in their original container.
    • 20 gallon limit on all chemicals. Containers must not exceed 5 gallons.
  • Electronics 
    • Some accepted items are listed below but not limited to:
      • Computers: desktops, towers, laptops, monitors, and tablets
      • Microwaves, cameras, robots

      • LCD flat panel monitors

      • Printers: inkjets, laserjets, copiers, and scanners

      • Networking equipment: switches, routers, and servers

      • Audio and Video equipment: VHS players, DVD players, stereos, speakers, headphones

      • Telephones: cell phones and landline phones

      • Other electronic accessories: keyboards, mouse devices, cables, and wires

April 13, 2024
2024-04-13T08:30:00 - 2024-04-13T12:00:00
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