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Language and Communications Access Internship

Applications are currently closed.

The Mayor's Office of Language and Communications Access aims to strengthen how the City functions. We work to help people who use languages other than English (LOTE) and those with disabilities. Our goal is to ensure all City programs and services are accessible to all residents.

Our office is housed in the City of Boston’s Civic Engagement Cabinet. We work across all City departments. We aim to build a system where all City residents can access the interpretation, translation, and assistive technology services they need.

  • Have questions? Contact:

  • OFFICE OF Language and communications access

About the internship

Areas of interest

We’re looking for one talented and motivated fellow who wants to help in one or more of the following areas:

  • Information and education design
  • Community outreach
  • Project management
Where you’ll help

We want 1 passionate student or recent graduate to help us with projects that will:

  • expand the efficacy of the Language and Communications Access program
  • explore the intersection of accessibility, policy, research, and design
  • cultivate and grow their existing skills and interests
  • contribute to the overall function and operation of local government
  • support and collaborate with ongoing City initiatives and programs, and
  • help in the production of multilingual and accessible resources.

How to apply

You can apply online

Make sure to pick “Language and Communications Access” as one of your options. You can also write down “Language And Communications Access” in the “specific department” section:

Apply online

Can't apply online?

You can email your application to Please attach:

  • a copy of your resume, and
  • a cover letter that explains the area where you’d like to help, and your relevant experience.
Please keep in mind
  • This is a paid, part-time position for summer 2022.
  • We have a strong preference for multilingual applicants.

LCA fellows

  • Maria Edwards, summer 2018
  • Peilun Wu, fall 2018; spring 2019
  • Jennifer Myung, fall 2018; spring 2019
  • Salma Nour, fall 2018; spring 2019
  • Rachana Solanki, summer 2018; summer 2019
  • Laura Wiggins, summer 2019
  • Melani Baez, summer 2019
  • Sam Bogomolni, summer 2019
  • Jacqueline Bui, summer 2019
  • Sebastien Canales, summer 2019
  • Lea Carig, summer 2019
  • Leilani Mendez, summer 2019
  • Jeniffer Vivar-Wong, fall 2019, spring 2020
  • Sissi Liu, fall 2019, spring 2020
  • Gayana Daniel, fall 2019, spring 2020
  • Peter O'Donnell, spring 2020
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