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Fire Department hourly detail rates

A list of the hourly rates for Boston Fire Department details.  If you have more questions, please contact the Paid Detail Office directly at 617-343-2838.

Tracking code Description Hourly rate (as of July 4, 2020)
FC1 Captain Inside Hrly $52
FC1A Captain Inside Hrly Adj $52
FC1C Captain Inside Hrly Cancel $52
FC2 Captain Inside OT $78
FC2A Captain Inside OT Adj $78
FC2C Captain Inside OT Cancel $78
FC3 Captain Inside Hol $104
FC3A Captain Inside Hol Adj $104
FC3C Captain Inside Hol Cancel $104
FC4 Captain Inside Hol OT $156
FC4A Captain Inside Hol OT Adj $156
FC4C Captain Inside Hol Cancel $156
FC5 Captain Outside Hrly $53
FC5A Captain Outside Hrly Adj $53
FC5C Captain Outside Hrly Cancel $53
FC6 Captain Outside OT $79.50
FC6A Captain Outside OT Adj $79.50
FC6C Captain Outside OT Cancel $79.50
FC7 Captain Outside Hol $106
FC7A Captain Outside Hol Adj $106
FC7C Captain Outside Hol Cancel $106
FC8 Captain Outside Hol OT $159
FC8A Captain Outside Hol OT Adj $159
FC8C Captain Outside Hol OT Cancel $159
FDP1 Deputy ChfInside Hrly $60
FDP1A Dep ChfInside Hrly Adj $60
FDP1C Dep ChfInside Hrly Cancel $60
FDP2 Deputy ChfInside OT $90
FDP2A Dep ChfInside OT Adj $90
FDP2C Dep ChfInside OT Cancel $90
FDP3 DeputyChfInside Hol $120
FDP3A Deputy ChfInside Hol Adj $120
FDP3C Deputy ChfInside Hol Cancel $120
FDP4 DeputyChfInside Hol OT $180
FDP4A DeputyChfInside Hol OT $180
FDP4C Deputy ChfInside Hol OT $180
FDP5 DeputyChfOutside Hrly $61
FDP5A DeputyChfOutside Hrly Adj $61
FDP5C DepChfOutside Hrly Cancel $61
FDP6 DeputyChfOutside OT $91.50
FDP6A DeputyChfOutside OT Adj $91.50
FDP6C DeputyChfOutside OT Cancel $91.50
FDP7 DeputyChfOutside Hol $122
FDP7A DeputyChfOutside Hol Adj $122
FDP7C DeputyChfOutside Hol Cancel $122
FDP8 DeputyChfOutside Hol OT $183
FDP8A DeputyChfOutside Hol OT Adj $183
FDP8C DeputyChfOutside Hol OT Cancel $183
FD1 District ChfInside Hrly $55
FD1A District ChfInside Hrly Adj $55
FD1C District ChfInside Hrly Cancel $55
FD2 District ChfInside OT $82.50
FD2A District ChfInside OT Adj $82.50
FD2C District ChfInside OT Cancel $82.50
FD3 District ChfInside Hol $110
FD3A District ChfInside Hol Adj $110
FD3C District ChfInside Hol Cancel $110
FD4 DistrictChfInside Hol OT $165
FD4A District ChfInside Hol OT Adj $165
FD4C District ChfInside Hol OT Canc $159
FD5 District ChfOutside Hrly $165
FD5A District ChfOutside Hrly Adj $56
FD5C District ChfOutside Hrly Cance $56
FD6 District ChfOutside OT $84
FD6A District ChfOutside OT Adj $84
FD6C District ChfOutside OT Cancel $84
FD7 District ChfOutside Hol $112
FD7A District ChfOutside Hol Adj $112
FD7C District ChfOutside Hol Cancel $112
FD8 District ChfOutside Hol OT $168
FD8A District ChfOutside Hol OT $168
FD8C District ChfOutside Hol OT $168
FF1 Firefighter Inside Hrly $46
FF1A Firefighter Inside Hrly Adj $46
FF1C Firefighter Inside hrly Cancel $46
FF2 Firefighter Inside OT $69
FF2A Firefighter Inside OT Adj $69
FF2C Firefighter Inside OT Cancel $69
FF3 Firefighter Inside Hol $92
FF3A Firefighter Inside Hol Adj $92
FF3C Firefighter Inside Hol Cancel $92
FF4 Firefighter Inside Hol OT $138
FF4A Firefighter Inside Hol OT Adj $138
FF4C Firefighter InsideHolOT Cancel $138
FF5 Firefighter Outside Hrly $47
FF5A Firefighter Outside Hrly Adj $47
FF5C Firefighter OutsideHrly Cancel $47
FF6 Firefighter Outside OT $70.50
FF6A Firefighter Outside OT Adj $70.50
FF6C Firefighter Outside OT Cancel $70.50
FF7 Firefighter Outside Hol $94
FF7A Firefighter Outside Hol Adj $94
FF7C Firefighter Outside Hol Cancel $94
FF8 Firefighter Outside Hol OT $141
FF8A Firefighter Outside Hol OT Adj $141
FF8C Firefighter Outside Hol OT Cancel $141
FL1 Lt Inside Hrly $50
FL1A Lt Inside Hrly Adj $50
FL1C Lt Inside Hrly Cancel $50
FL2 Lt Inside Overtime $75
FL2A Lt Inside Overtime Adj $75
FL2C Lt Inside Overtime Cancel $75
FL3 Lt Inside Hol $100
FL3A Lt Inside Hol Adj $100
FL3C Lt Inside Hol Cancel $100
FL4 Lt Inside Hol OT $150
FL4A Lt Inside Hol OT Adj $150
FL4C Lt Inside Hol OT Cancel $150
FL5 Lt Outside Hrly $51
FL5A Lt Outside Hrly Adj $51
FL5C Lt Outside Hrly Cancel $51
FL6 Lt Outside Overtime $76.50
FL6A Lt Outside Overtime Adj $76.50
FL6C Lt Outside Overtime Cancel $76.50
FL7 Lt Outside Hol $102
FL7A Lt Outside Hol Adj $102
FL7C Lt Outside Hol Cancel $102
FL8 Lt Outside Hol OT $153
FL8A Lt Outside Hol OT Adj $153
FL8C Lt Outside Hol OT Cancel $153
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