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Boston Creates: Achieving our collective vision

Boston Creates belongs to the whole city, not just City Hall or its Office of Arts and Culture.

Leadership from across the city will be imperative for bringing about the culture shift needed for real change in Boston’s support for arts and culture, and for reaching the goals of the Boston Creates cultural plan over ten years.

The Boston Creates cultural plan is a living document that will be continually updated as the environment changes, strategies and tactics are implemented and prove successful or need to be adapted, and we learn more about requirements for achieving the plan’s goals. No matter how much we improve the plan over time, however, without action it can have no impact. That is why Boston Creates is calling on you, Boston’s community and arts leaders, to come together to make this plan a reality.

The plan proposes a host of ways to get involved. Individuals can stand up for arts and culture in local civic groups, on boards, and in city and state public processes. Funders and organizations can align their priorities and programs with the goals of the plan. The City will continue to include bringing arts leaders, supporters, and participants together to carry on the important conversations and collaborations that will help achieve the goals of the plan. Yet, achieving sustainable success will take leadership from all of us. We invite all who share in the vision of a thriving, creative Boston to maintain the conversation, work together to sustain and strengthen Boston’s many creative resources, and realize the collective vision of Boston Creates.

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