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Boston Mural Map

Artists tell the stories of their communities through murals. More than any other public art form, murals are created mostly by community members responding to the present moment.

Murals showcase a diverse pool of artists and skill. They also bring color and beauty into our everyday lives and routines! We’ve started to create a map of murals to celebrate the diverse cultural stories across the City. We now have more than 100 murals up but are working to make a more comprehensive map over the next few months.

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Since 2015, the City of Boston has worked with artists and community members to create many new murals. Some of these murals were completed by the Mayor’s Mural Crew. This map includes both recent murals commissioned by the City of Boston and those funded and organized by community and artist initiatives.

In creating this map, we started with murals the City has recently commissioned, but we know we have a lot more to add! This map will continue to expand and become more comprehensive, growing to include:

  • more murals created outside City initiatives
  • those painted before 2015, and 
  • those that have been removed so that we can preserve their memory. 

This project is rooted in a larger initiative to provide more access to the City of Boston’s public art collection. Currently, we are building a comprehensive, searchable database of the City’s collection of public art. We welcome your feedback on this map as we continue to work toward this goal. We hope this map will inspire you to visit these works in person. But, we urge you to practice safety and social distancing.

See something missing? Let us know!

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This map does not include murals that serve as advertisements, or those that include logos. 

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