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Karin Goodfellow

Director, Boston Art Commission and Boston AIR

As Director of the Boston Art Commission and Boston AIR, Karin Goodfellow drives all public art initiatives and policies for the City of Boston. A leader in the arts in the Greater Boston Area, she is a relationship builder, connector, fundraiser, and arts advocate. Karin leads the Boston Art Commission, housed in the Mayor's Office of Arts and Culture, to commission and approve innovative and transformative art and promote its accessibility to enrich the lives of Boston’s diverse citizens and visitors. She has reinvigorated the City’s portfolio of artworks to engage in contemporary trends and dialogues with an emphasis on artistic excellence that reflects the diversity and values of Boston’s neighborhoods.

An artist herself, Karin fosters involvement of Boston’s arts influencers, cultivates collaboration, curates projects, leads community engagement, and manages all aspects of operations. Since 2008, she has succeeded in increasing transparency and procedural clarity by removing obstacles to improve artistic performance and experience. In 2016, she grew that work to include projects funded through the City’s capital budget with the creation of the City’s first Percent-for-Art program. She also spearheaded the City of Boston’s first Artist-In-Residency program, Boston AIR, now entering its third year. Through this expanding program, Karin cultivates new approaches to familiar challenges in city government by supporting local artists as agents of reflection, collaboration, and activism.

A graduate of Dartmouth College, Harvard University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, she has a background in project planning and design, policy and implementation, and visual arts and social practice.