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Salvador Jimenez-Flores

Boston artist-in-residence

Salvador Jimenez-Flores taught the art of printmaking to over a hundred 5th and 6th graders. Through creating their own prints for Chinese fans, his residency embraced the historic and present immigrant communities that have transformed Chinatown and promoted diversity and inclusion. The final product was a three piece mural composed of individual prints from each of the students. Now hanging in the Pao Arts center, the mural is a symbol for the connectedness, and diversity within the Chinatown community.

I think the responsibility of an artist, especially when creating work that involves community, starts with listening. Try to do research based on the different things going on in that community and listen. Reach out to different community leaders and learn about the resources that exist and what the needs and wants of the communities are. Involve as many community members as possible so that they can become part of the creative process from the beginning.

Salvador Jimenez-Flores

Art of printmaking

Students at Josiah Quincy Elementary School hold up their newly made prints.

Watch: Salvador Jimenez-Flores' Boston AIR video
Credit: Arts and Culture
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