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How to File Your 38D Property Tax Return Online

Last updated:

38D Property Tax Returns are now open for Fiscal Year 2025.


Review which form you need to submit

We mail notice letters starting in February. This letter will give you instructions on how to fill out the 38D Property Tax Return. You must return the Property Tax Return type that we request in the mailing. 

Please note:

You must file your return within 60 days of the mailing date on the notice. If you fail to comply within 60 days of the request, it may be grounds for dismissal of a filing at the appellate tax board. You may also face a fine of $50 for residential properties, or $250 for commercial or industrial properties. Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 59, § 38D has more information.


38D Property Tax Return Submission

We're currently accepting 38D submissions for fiscal year 2025.

To make sure we are efficient and accurate, we require you to download an Excel workbook, complete it, then submit your return online. You'll need to submit your completed Excel workbook, along with any other documents online.

Please make sure to refer to the notice letter that we sent you in order to choose the correct form for your property when filling out the form linked below. Available forms include:

  • Form A2 - if you own or lease an apartment or lodging property
  • Form D - if you own or lease a dormitory or student housing 
  • Form H - if you own or lease a hotel, motel or a bed and breakfast
  • Form NC - if you own or lease a new construction property
  • Form O - if you own or lease an office building
  • Form PK - if you own or lease a parking facility
  • Form SH - if you own or lease subsidized housing
  • Form ST1 - if you own or lease a self-storage facility
  • Form W - if you own or lease wireless telecommunications

38D Submission Form

  • Need to Know:

    We send these paper forms via the United States Postal Service to selected properties:

    • Form MD (Medical Facilities), and
    • Form SP (Special Purpose).
    38D FORM RC

    RC is a large category that includes many types of properties. We have a separate online system for Form RC.

  • Have questions? Contact us:

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