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Using Assessing Online

The Assessing Online application provides property parcel data for each piece of property in the City of Boston.

Through the app, you can find information on assessed values, ownership and tax information, and much more. You can learn more about what's possible on this website, or go directly to Assessing Online through the link below:

Assessing Online

About the application

Goals of the application:
  • Providing homeowners the current value and tax status of their property
  • Giving professional real estate, business, and legal entities access to Boston property parcel data
  • Providing graphical context for researchers, analysts, and other professionals interested in demographic patterns, property usage, and development
What’s possible through Assessing Online:
  • Search properties by address or parcel number
  • Search fiscal year preliminary taxes
  • Find the property type, property classification code, lot size, living area, and year built 
  • Find the owner as of January 1 in the current calendar year, as well as the owner’s mailing address
  • Check property residential and personal exemption information
  • Download abatement, residential, and personal property applications
  • Find out the value, tax amount, and tax rate of each property
  • View property value history of a parcel
  • Find how much a property is being charged for Community Preservation
  • Find property attributes (if a condo, you can find condo main attributes)
  • Link to quarterly tax bill and payment information
  • View a map of the tax parcel viewer
  • Find approved building permits associated with the parcel
  • Send an email to the Assessing department

How to search Assessing Online

To start a search, type out the property address or parcel ID number and click “Search parcels”:

Assessing Online search bar

After searching, you’ll be taken to a page with a list of properties based on your search. Find the property you’re interested in and either click “map” or “details” to learn more about the property. You’ll also be given the opportunity to further filter your search:

Assessing Online filtered search view

The “map” link will take you to a map with the location of the parcel and some high-level details:

Assessing Online map screenshot

The “details” link provides you all of the information the City of Boston has for the property:

Property details screenshot from Assessing Online

Finding Abatement and Exemption info

You can file applications after the City of Boston issues third-quarter bills in late December 2022. Applications become available for download for abatements and exemptions on January 1 each year.

You’ll be able to see the applications under the “Abatements/Exemptions” section in the property details. That section will also let you know if the property is already receiving a personal or residential exemption.

Assessing Online Abatement / Exemptions screenshot

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